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Here We Go 'Round The Mulberry Bush

As the children's song goes, the falling is the best part. Noticing those who gather at the various watering holes reveals the "coincidence" of chance and in it's demonstration reveals the obvious - fresh meat is good for the grinder. Singing of... 27 Nov 2007

The Scientological Illusion

Scientology can be used to enslave Man. It IS being used to enslave Man through various schemes, purposes and plans. Even though this enslavement is in direct opposition to the philosophy of Scientology, those who seek control over others will... 30 Jun 2004

Freedom From Being 'Cleared'

The 'FreeZone', like many individuals who have 'freedom' on this planet, survive and gather their so-called strength from controversy. Without it, they are doomed to die a quick death. Without something to keep their attention and emotions on,... 20 Jan 2004

Which Will You Choose?

Wanting and needing, we stretch our minds to envelope more and more 'space' 'outside' of ourselves. Seeking, we find little that satisfies, and so continue the everlasting quest. Moving forward in haste, we go no where. Never standing still long... 17 Oct 2002


There comes a time for worship and there comes a time for evolution. In fullfillment, our universe changes and suddenly, we find ourselves alive once again. With a fresh perspective, reality takes on a new form and identity. We become something... 07 Aug 2001

Let's Pretend

With the quiet expectation of what is sure to come, we await our final destiny. Longing for the future, time passes. Waiting, we wait until we are fulfilled. Experiencing the joy of life, we surrender ourselves unto the darkness that is required... 16 Jul 2001

The Fox

I am the lost child of Illusion, the wondering hobo of Neglect and the bastard of Unknowing. There is no life within me except by my own hand of deception. The acropolis of destruction has come and gone leaving only happiness in it's wake. There... 11 Jun 2001

Identification, Are You Me?

Sages make mention of the fact that we are what we perceive. The world is as we make it. Does this mean that I have created you just as you are? The mind plays all sorts of games, but reality never changes. We are the same, and yet individually... 19 Jul 2000

Here And Now

The here and now is illusionary as is the future and the past. Time exists only for the mind's differentiation. Presence needs neither time nor the mind, but uses these as tools to explore its' self-created environment. The escape of immortality... 07 Jun 2000

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