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Good For Nothing

I'm good for nothing It's true, I am good for nothing, especially lately.... 09 Nov 2016

Self-Infested Shark Waters

Some like to carry around with them the idea that their only hope of 'survival' is to do as the little sharkies do when swimming around in bloody waters. Being like someone else makes me laugh. Lots of people will emulate those with whom they... 20 Sep 2016

Time Stood Still

Taking a deep breath, drawing in the universe of experiential delight, we sometimes lose ourselves to the lust and glory of immersion. Losing ourselves we take flight and in this fanciful dream-like quality we come to embrace life and death and... 28 Mar 2008


There is always something going on. There is always some crises in the making or breaking. Action undertaken by desire will always result in disappointment. And that is what separates the men from the boys. 25 Aug 2002

Embracing Universal Action

I do not audit. I have no scn materials in my possession. I do not own or use an e-meter. I have no scn technical training to speak of. I am neither a member nor an associate of any group or organization. I do not study or follow any particular... 04 Jul 2001


Watching for it's own purposes leads the blind into alleys of darkness that few survive. Many times, it is safer to take action than to observe, but observation does have it's merits. It can lead one to realign existence based upon what has... 26 Dec 1999

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