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Ralph Hilton... the Hypocrite

From: “Virginia” <v…@icehouse.net>Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientologySubject: Ralph Hilton..the HypocriteDate: Fri, 2 May 2003 08:36:44 -0700Organization: VerioFrom the thread: “A test of Fair Game law”….. 06 May 2003

In His Own Words : Ralph Hilton

http&11 Jan 2003Title: “Channelling” Ralph Hilton wrote:…If men want to have sex with men that’s ok with me.I do have a revulsion for homosexual men who are too clueless to realize that I have no sexual interest in them…. 30 Apr 2003

Keeping The Dream Alive

I’m not prone to playing the quotation game and prefer the approach of relating from my own experience and knowledge, so the following, even though the concepts are obviously not new nor original, are entirely my own thoughts on “Keeping The… 17 Jan 2001

Chicken Little For Grownups

In the children’s version of everyones favorite political fable, Chicken Little, struck on the head by a falling acorn, runs off to tell the king, collecting on the way an entourage of other animals. In the end they are lured into a fox’s den… 24 Jan 2000

You Are Not Your Body

One of the concepts that is put forth by Mr. Hubbard’s Church of Scientology, Inc., is that you are not your body. This idea is important for one to understand if they are to progress spiritually. It also happens to be true. But then this church… 20 Jan 2000

Compute This!

You Are Not You This is a very interesting extract:.. 20 Jan 2000

Standard Tech Works

“STANDARD TECH works. It works even on SPs and PTS pcs.” The Key Questions, by L. Ron Hubbard, 1968 One can only guess at the “reasons” why the Scientology organizations are incapable of handling their own “squirrels”, especially when… 19 Jan 2000

Why The Reformation Of Scientology Is Impossible

“When somebody enrols, consider he or she has joined up for the duration of the universe never permit an “open-minded” approach. If they’re going to quit let them quit fast. If they enrolled, they’re aboard, and if they’re aboard, they’re here… 19 Jan 2000

Power, The Crusader's Crusade

Power is what Scientology’s auditing promsies to coinjure up within the adherent. The lure of power draws those on the quest for it and cements relationships just for this purpose. The Church of Scientology, Inc., feels that they have this… 19 Jan 2000

The Mindset Of Scientology

Scientology, developed as an outgrowth of Dianetics which was researched on the streets of Hollywood in 1947 by L. Ron Hubbard, is a mindset. As Fox Moulder, from the television series “X Files”, describes it via the poster that occupies a wall… 18 Jan 2000

The Way To Create Power

“An individual’s ability to generate power by his own consideration depends utterly upon his ability to position himself It’s as simple as that.” Transcript of the lecture “Exteriorization”, by L. Ron Hubbard, 1955 This sums up the… 18 Jan 2000

Theta And The Control Of Mind

“We have a symbol in Dianetics which is the Greek letter theta. Theta stands for thought. We use it as a symbol because the word thought itself is susceptible to many misinterpretations, it has many definitions. So, let’s just take a brand-new… 18 Jan 2000

Swami Hubbard Turns Into God

Swami Hubbard’s beginnings researching clearing on the streets of Hollywood were quite modest, but that was not to last long. In a lecture he gave in 1955 called, “Background Music To Living”, he had this to say about the labels people wear and… 18 Jan 2000


“The patter of hypnotism goes somewhat as follows: “You are relaxing. You are sinking down, down, down (which sends the subject down the time track, although the hypnotist didn’t know it). You are getting sleepier and sleepier. All you can hear… 17 Jan 2000


“Let us now address the heart. By deep hypnosis or drugs we take a patient into amnesia trance, a state of being wherein the “I” is not in control but the operator is the “I” (and that’s all there is, really, to the function of hypnosis: the… 17 Jan 2000

Swami Hubbard And His Ritualistic Training

“I can give you the datum of Freudian analysis. I’m a very good swami. I can read minds so as to tear your skull off. Good at it.” Transcript of the lecture “The Laws of Case Supervision”, by L. Ron Hubbard .. 16 Jan 2000

Stuck In Time

Believe it or not, Swami Hubbard is stuck in time. Completely locked up and and frozen. The funny thing is that the Church of Scientology, Inc., actually PRESERVES the Swami’s medium of regret. It’s called tape recordings. Personally, I’ve never… 16 Jan 2000

Being A Thetan

Some definitions need to be brought up before I get to the point of this article. THETAN: “9. the person himself-not his body or his name, the physical universe, his mind, or anything else; that which is aware of being aware; the identity… 16 Jan 2000

Studying The Past

How does an organization, in particular the Church of Scientology, come to terms with the fact that it must have it’s parishioners selectively turn a deaf ear to various sections of the “Written Work” by L. Ron Hubbard? All of the scriptures… 12 Jan 2000

Moments To Remember

“I am not, and will never pretend to be, a philosopher.”- Associate Newsletter, by L. Ron Hubbard, 1953 “I was an expert in hypnotism and mysticism…”- Associate Newsletter, by L. Ron Hubbard, 1953.. 12 Jan 2000

Scientology Public Relations: Is It "PR"?

“If you have no ethics presence in an org, then criminality shows its head.Such people lie rather than be made to confront. They false report — they even use “PR” which means Public Relations to cover up — and in our slang talk “PR”… 11 Jan 2000

"Being" An Identity

This message requires a bit of “thinking”, maybe even a bit of reasoning. Through the Mind Disasters Do Happen. “THETAN: The awareness of awareness unit which has all potentialities but no mass, no wavelength and no location.” HCO… 11 Jan 2000

The Powers of Science and Religion

Question: What does religion have to do with “science of mind”?Answer: In the minds of many, not a thing. Hubbard changed the face of corporate America by introducing religion as a business entity and calling it “science”. Confusing isn’t… 11 Jan 2000

The Spiritual Dark Ages Of Man

Religion perpetually seeks to rid mankind of it’s physical form and restore the sense of spirituality within us. Progress in this can be gauged in centuries for the nature of man is one of mindfulness. This mindfulness was further defined and… 06 Jan 2000

It's Not An E-Meter, It's A "mis-ownership" Detector

Hubbard did not like the word “lie”, so he came up with his own unique label: “mis-ownership”. So of course HIS meter could not be referred to as a LIE DETECTOR, it had to be called an E-METER. A lie is still a lie, no matter the flowery… 06 Jan 2000

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