Gathering Minds v2

When I created the Gathering Minds website I had in mind a particular purpose, a particular plan. Well, as is usually the case what I have in mind and what comes about are two very different things. Continuing on down the track, this website is not quite suited as a vehicle for my use but since it is here, so am I.

I have always had an interest in the spiritual nature of man. The who or what behind the mask. This was quite a deep interest for a period of time than ran for years. Not a passing fancy that is to be sure.

Part of that deep interest led me to embrace the religion of Scientology. Currently, one can find no shortage of disparaging remarks about that religion but this has and had no interest for me. What interested me greatly about Scientology was it's inspection of the mind of man, it's way of looking at things.

Suffice it to say that while I left that organization quite some time ago it's way of looking has remained. But this is not something which was acquired nor accepted by me, on the contrary, it was simply a validation of what was already extant or in existence within my awareness. Although this similarity attracted me to it's philosophy the organization called the Church of Scientology is an altogether different story which is more a monument to man's failings than it is to it's greatness.

Over the years of maintaining various websites there has been a push-pull sort of effect upon my attention. For a time my attention would be focused upon the principals and ideals of Scientology and I would pursue that course fully. At other times my attention would shift to vedantic philosophy, one based upon the discovery of our own true nature. The similarity between this shifting of attention was indistinct in my mind with the only difference being it's effects. Let me explain that.

In creating the Free Zone America website, one based upon the philosophy and ideals of Scientology, there would be one particular type of response from website visitors. The Gathering Minds website has a different type of response. From these effects my course of action would then be determined.

It's like yelling "Hello..." in a cave and listening for the effect. The same is true of these websites. The effect reveals purpose.

The Free Zone America website, overall, revealed little. It was determined that there are very few people who have an interest in self awareness dressed up as Scientology. The Gathering Minds website revealed the same to an even greater degree regarding vedantic philosophy. It was also determined that those who visited Free Zone America pursued that interest mostly within the controversy surrounding the Church of Scientology and the so-called "FreeZone", an off-shoot based upon the Scientology philosophy.

Perhaps what carried my through was the idea that perhaps someone benefited from the material found on those websites. Perhaps, but this 'perhaps' is really an egotistical one. In the pursuit of the acknowledgment of 'me' I found all such to be tainted by the same, the underlying 'me' in others. Talk to the hand.

The end result in a loss of interest in providing anything for anyone. Who has need in such service to others?

But the problem is that there never was any need and my service to others was just that. Following one's own path requires that one follow it. Wherever the road goes, through whatever terrain, dips and falls, the path must be followed. Where it takes me is where I follow and though it may appear illogical or non-sensical to others, I remain true to its route. I do not waver nor see the sights along the way.

For a while I could not quite make sense of having two websites with two different views of the same concept. I suppose I could attribute it to something along the lines of 'different strokes for different folks' but it really comes down to "Who cares.". It is not my place to question where the path leads me, I'm just the messenger (as a bit more explanation on this: I am the effect of cause.).

The bottom line here is that Free Zone America doesn't really serve much other purpose than my own selfish interest in getting others interested in a subject that has no interest for them. Perhaps something has come about from that purpose, perhaps not. "Who cares." Ideally, I would like to merge the two websites together and remove all of the off-topic material. I've sort of tried that before and failed and so perhaps this time I will meet with a bit more success.

Let's see what happens.

And then let's see what happens next!

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