The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

Comfortable? Can I get you anything?

Some have called Earth a prison planet where the righteous have come to be contained, restrained and entrained. But there is another view of the apocalypse. Earth is a daddy-daycare where soft minds are coddled and embraced by surrogate parents who have nothing but the best in mind for their charges.

In either scenario there is the care-taker, the one who hands out candy or unhappiness depending upon their charge's performance. I'm not sure which is worse, an environment of harsh in-your-face conditions or one of where the world is just fine, thank you very much, all is being taking care of. Are these two realities of the same coin, or perhaps running parallel in order to sweep up as many 'possessions' as possible. You know the routine, getting all the little duckies lined up in a row.

Ever see baby ducks follow their mother, swimming the great expanse of eternity? Or how about those awesome stories where a baby duck becomes imprinted, thinking a dog is it's mother. Is it stupidity or is it 'human' nature?

How about all those wonderful Marvel movies these days where super-heros 'protect and serve' the whole of mankind. Yes, there are plenty of those who have no trouble stepping in to help out those who cannot help themselves. Please remember that these kinds of movies are at about a 16 year old level, if that. No thinking is involved, just watch the pretty computer generated images unfold before your very eyes. Freak'n awesome, man!

Have the prisoners quieted down, are they sedated?

There, there now.... everything is going to be just fine. Don't you worry about a thing, mommy will take good care of you. Or is that daddy? I do believe that that is your choice.

If someone is asleep, do you wake them or do you just let them ride it out, let them get their 'rest'. The trouble with waking is that some require a warden straight-away so as not to displace authoritative happiness. So for those that sleep, leave 'em alone. For those stirring in their sleep, feed 'em warm and fuzzies. And for those who are rousing from their sleep, fear is your friend.

It's the one's who are fully awake... now that's a game changer.

Zzzzz, huh... what... zzzzz...

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