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Re: Track Recall And "Recent Discoveries"

Nice choice for a new topic. :smile: Consider this: If the historical past stretches out to the horizon, what could possibly have taken place during that lengthy ‘time period’? Auditing uncovers considerations like crazy and perception… 13 Apr 2004

A Repeating Pattern

Repeating patterns create some interesting effects. Sometimes, they make you play the same tune over and over again. I find it amazing that there are actually people who enjoy this. Even the LTA - TTA scenario brings to light the inherent… 02 Oct 2002

Roller Coastering

With love comes the knowledge that we are not alone. Struggling, we seek to encompass the totality and yet never seem to quite capture even a satisfactory portion of it. We yearn for more and die in the result. Life has it’s up and downs and as… 19 Jul 2001

Banks, Tracks and Experience

The existence of Life sees death in its’ hands. Where there is Life, there is the fleeting glimpse of ‘reality’. From there, nothing is achieved nor remains in perpetuity. Life seeks its’ reward by overcoming itself and rediscovering what it… 04 Sep 2000

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