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Don't Mess With The Best

Hiding in plain sight is what we do. Ok, so not exactly hiding but perhaps you get my point. Living in the weeds tends to make one part of the landscape and though the lay of the land is known becoming that which is perceived just can’t be… 19 Sep 2022

Double Vision

What we see, we see. There is no going back. Tumultuous imaginings requires us to be ever vigilant and yet we are quite relied upon to full fill our duty to sleep. Gazing upon our slumber we are yet to produce results and yet here we are,… 15 Sep 2022

Cracking The Egg

Times passes and in the space of between all becomes not just clear but razor sharp.The world view may appear as one thing or another but in definition the results of our past becomes not just known, but clearly represented and… 08 Sep 2021

Hiding In The Shadows

Corporations are such funny little schemes in order to hide one’s self in. Oh, it’s the corporation’s fault, right!? Irresponsibility comes in so many forms with which one can best put to use the schemes and grand plans so evident these… 21 Aug 2018

Where We Belong

Working alone, we wend our way through life, seeking and revealing all of life’s mysteries and rhymes. Full-filling each and every quest, we move on to more important ones, always keeping an eye out for something of even greater ‘worth’. Isn’t… 03 Dec 2003

The Bear

A Bear came into the woods one day. It scared the other animals of the forest quite badly. They ran and hid and shivered, hoping that the Bear would not notice them. But what the other animals of the forest were really hiding from were their own… 19 Mar 2003

Seeing The Way

Explaining the unexplainable can be a full time job. Not only that, but ultimately, that job always fails. Spiritual knowledge never comes from any other means than you yourself. When you are ready to see that knowledge, you will see it. When… 25 Nov 2002

In The House Of The Fox

Along came a Spyder and sat down beside Her. Lacking awareness, we see our own thoughts and little else. Where can the knowledge come from which will rescue us from ourselves? Slowly, a dawning takes place from within. Beyond the thoughts,… 26 Sep 2002

Unmasking Ourselves

Unmasking ourselves, we shiver in the cold wind of purity of heart. Trembling, we search for our clothing with nervous expectation of rescuing ourselves from exposure. Hiding, we thankfully express our wishes and seek the exposure of another to… 18 Jul 2001

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