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Looking, Searching And....

There was once upon a time a story about a Seeker looking for 'something', a 'something' which was always seemingly elusive and quite hard to not only 'find' but to define. Definition of substance requires us to to have some sort of 'knowledge'... 18 Jul 2020

Awakening Into Slumber

Feeling our way, we blindly stumble to and fro, ever searching for the way out. From the doom and gloom of our imagination, to the 'real world' efforts in which we undertake our desire of self expression, we find that it all comes up short.... 03 Dec 2001

Bad Day At Black Rock

Behavioral scientists have recently discovered that a person's reality is based solely upon their perception of themselves and that as an extension, family, marriage, career and every other associative companionship is completely biased and... 06 Jul 2001

Hallowed Halls

We walk the hallowed halls of our own imagination, forever seeking to remain quite enough to listen to the echoes of the cries in the night. Longingly, we envision a better life, and yet day to day, we endure our meager existence. Hope beyond... 14 Jun 2001

The Mirage of Dreaming

The time of now, the play of now, all encompass the compassion of Eternity awaiting it's final stroke of finality. The end is near, do you feel the passage of time washing through you in it's effort of awakening the sleeping giant? Slumbering in... 13 Mar 2001

I Exist

There is no other time than the present to determine one's own future, if that is the word that would describe how one's creations influence our outlook. Reaching beyond the stars means little when our own personal reach falters to a large... 22 Dec 2000

Many Are The Paths

There are many paths which are available to the individual in their quest of 'seeking'. Which one is the best? Which should be avoided? How does one know if the path chosen will be the correct one? Questions, in their very nature, are designed... 21 Aug 2000

Lost In A Dream

Lost in a world of reverie, what is it that we seek to learn and understand? Dreaming of days gone by, we slumber within ourselves wondering about the meanings. Quietly we digress, lost in thought. Stirring ever so slightly, we see the edge of... 21 Aug 2000

Me Mortal - Who You?

Becoming "realized" is meant to convey the idea of loosing oneself, not within self-identification, but with All That Is. This is a concept which is not only foreign to our body-mind mechanisms, but is unfathomable by our conscious selves.... 29 Jun 2000

Perceptual Beliefs

The essence of ourselves is the beliefs which we hold so dear. Coloring our universe, we see. What we see, we believe. To know of our existence is but another belief. As beliefs are lies, then what lies ahead for us? Lies and beliefs mean little... 05 Jun 2000

States Of Existence

Awareness is the goal of the seeker, but the question remains, why does the seeker look forward to attaining a state of existence that belies the fact of the existence of the seeker in total disregard to so-called 'states'. States of existence1... 01 Feb 2000

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