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Through The Eye of Newt

Perception is an interesting phenomenon where views can come and go altering itself into strange beasts along the way. Through the placement of attention perception becomes defined thereby altering our being. We see all that we see - at least... 28 Jul 2011

Suckling The Teat of Despair

It's all the rage. From every corner of the universe a select few stand out amongst the crowd and proclaim the answer to whatever it is that you are looking for. The ultimate answer as the solution to Man's woes and concerns, your woes and... 11 Jan 2011

Where Would We Find Ourselves?

What is it that drives Men mad? What is it that becomes so unsettling that our very foundation shakes and crumbles giving way to anxious desire? What is it that determines our fate, our fortunes along with such tales of woe that we become... 26 Oct 2010

Changing The Guard

Here is something a bit different from an 'outside' perspective. "Changing the guard" is a process where planetary inhabitants are introduced to an alternative change of pace. Typically, evolutionary processes dictate that the prey must become... 22 Apr 2009

The Octopus Of Our Dreams

"Oh Charlotte, what a tangled web you weave." Dreaming is that thing we do each and every day as we arise from our fit-full slumber and look forward to the day's activities, the day's experiential delights. Cotton candy never looked so good!... 17 Oct 2008

Conflict ala Tribalization

Regionally, the Earth has been carved, divided and continues to be plundered by the various scheming drug lords. Not the so-called 'illegal' drugs, but a drug lord of a different flavor. Perception is the grand design of illusion and as it makes... 14 Mar 2008

Pied Piper

Opposing odds, we find a certain comfort and glee within which to live out a contemptuous existence. Neither dead nor alive the actors entertain and with fanciful footsteps ply their trade. Cast aside as not being worthy of note, we roboticly do... 05 Mar 2007

Finding The Door

Looking lost, we ever search in order that we may find and in the process we merely lose ourselves yet again. Always on the look-out for something more, our attention continuously wavers day in and day out until, at long last, we pay it no mind... 28 Feb 2007

That Which Knows

It's amazing the amount of pain and suffering a slave will endure in order to keep alive a dream of freedom when in fact the reality of freedom exists purely in a mental state. This is the condition of today made manifest by human ingenuity... 12 Dec 2005

In the Quiet of the Night

In the quiet of the night there can be seen moving images, ghostly in their appearance, which flitter to and fro in their evolutionary model of endearment. Reaching and grasping at what comes their way, they move with purpose and definition.... 01 Jun 2005

So... What's The Big Deal?

Keeping one's attention fixated along some particular path can be a very noble endeavor, but there is an inherent danger in following any sort of route. The route itself, can become the way. That would be a no-no.... 13 Aug 2003


Trends are such an interesting area of study. Not only is this area generally overlooked, but many times, it is actually avoided. The reason for the avoidance of this area is that most individuals, over time, slowly narrow their focus of... 22 Nov 2002

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