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Nothing To Say

Well, I’ve run out of things to say. On 21 Oct 2002 Mike McClaughry posted “Sabotaging Case Gain - Misapplication of O/M Tech” which pretty much set the stage for how things will be going not just for the ‘FreeZone’, but for the actual Free… 25 Oct 2002

The Heat Of Battle

(As noted earlier, this is part of the ‘outstanding issues’ which I promised to address) As most ‘FreeZoners’ know, there has been a bit of an upset having to do with myself and the mistaken impression that the ‘FreeZone’ has authority over… 09 Oct 2002

Auditing In The 'FreeZone'

Auditing in the ‘FreeZone’ as defined by Ralph Hilton, Tommy Thompson and several others, is a hit and miss affair. Would you trust your spiritual beingness to those who use false images and appearances in order to ‘sell’ you Scientology?… 08 Oct 2002

Why I Do Not Favor The 'FreeZone'

At one time, I enjoyed the idea of being part of a ‘loosely’ organized group of people who had the purpose and intent of creating expanded spiritual awareness for those who had an interest in such things. Additionally, there was an added appeal… 08 Oct 2002

Into The Eye Of The Tiger

Fearing the night, there is a tendency to shy away when darkness comes to call. That darkness can be overwhelming and full of one’s worst nightmares and fears. It need not be so. Darkness survives, and gains strength, in direct relation to the… 08 Oct 2002

A Layman's Guide to the 'FreeZone'

This Guide is a work-in-progress... 05 Oct 2002

Now That...

Now that the various business minded individuals in the ‘FreeZone’ have created a plethora of self serving sites, what can be in store for us next? What great magic trick will these individuals pull out of their hats to continue the charade of… 05 Oct 2002

The 'FreeZone' or is it the "FeeZone"?

Cashing in on spiritual growth is not a good display of one’s own spiritual growth. Amazingly, there are people in the ‘FreeZone’ (contrary to Free Zone) who actual PRIDE themselves on doing well in the ‘business’. Imagine that. There are those… 02 Oct 2002

A Reader's Guide to the FZA Forum

The posts found on the FZA Forum are not the kind of posts that you would usually find on other forums and the like. They are much ‘different’, and that difference shows in the unique and clearly self-determined viewpoint being expressed by the… 02 Oct 2002

The Golden Age of the Free Zone

Currents in time become definable only in relation to the passing of it. By itself, it has no meaning, but when motion begins to fill it’s space, time has a way of becoming unmistakably solid. You can’t get around it no matter what you do. Of… 27 Sep 2002

The Truth About Freezoneamerica.org

It’s true, Mike Hunsaker is the one who was responsible for maintaining the fza.org web site for a time. When that time was over he created the sibling site freezoneamerica.org. Fza.org spawned freezoneamerica.org. But there is more to the… 23 Sep 2002

United Free Zone Alliance

Let’s begin with the ‘whois’ domain registration information for freezone.org:Registrant:United Free Zone Alliance (FREEZONE2-DOM)P.O. Box 1215Haag i.Obb., Bavaria 83524Germany.. 23 Sep 2002

Stylizing The Free Zone

The phrase “Free Zone” was first used as exactly that. It had a space between the two words. When I created the fza.org site in 1997, I removed the space between the words for both style and effect. ‘Free Zone’ became ‘FreeZone’, and I used that… 22 Sep 2002

Document Library : Free Zone Sample

_The following is a sample of the type of data that can be extracted from the Document library. Over time, a clearer picture can be seen of some particular aspect of interest in contrast to the near sightedness of one particular event, current… 20 Sep 2002

My Site

There seems to be a bit of confusion about who really owns the Free Zone America web site. I am going to provide some data that will resolve this confusion quite easily and directly. There is only ONE person who owns this site. There is only one… 25 Nov 2001

Mike Hunsaker: The Old WebMaster Speaks

.. 16 Nov 2001

The Free Zone Skirmish

I’ve heard that there is a ‘skirmish’ going on in the ‘Free Zone’. I wonder what brought that about? I also wonder who are the ‘do-gooders’ that are plastering their cases all over the Internet in the hopes that their cases will be resolved…. 11 Nov 2001

I Respect Your Desire for Peace However...

This posting was made to one of the old Forums here at FZA.ORG and needs little in the way of explanation. Poster: misiunasDate: Mon Nov 05, 2001 8:14 pm#——————-#Subject: “I respect your desire for peace however fza will… 05 Nov 2001

Fragmented Structural Base

The Free Zone owes it’s existence to the religion of Scientology. It bases it’s purpose and drive on the idea of realizing our spiritual potential. What the FreeZone lacks is a definable cohesion. Even though the Free Zone is the bastard child… 08 May 2001

FZA: What is the Free Zone?

What exactly is the Free Zone? How did it come about and who is in charge of it? For many, the Free Zone is an idea of spiritual freedom. For others, it is an organized group of people that continueto practice Scientology, separate from the… 14 Nov 1998

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