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Grasping The Time Away

There is no such 'thing' as time. It's a construct within which we choose to 'experience' one thing or another. Whatever. Clutching the purse like a nervous housewife we create that which we sow. We do need a place to do it all in so there it... 07 Sep 2023

Emptying The Cupboards of Our Dreams

In dreaming we find that we are. Without substance we take on form and delight in our ever expanding universe and dream of things yet to come. Where would we be without eternity? Gazing upon our virtues we slide the next adventure into the... 04 Nov 2021

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

Comfortable? Can I get you anything? Some have called Earth a prison planet where the righteous have come to be contained, restrained and entrained. But there is another view of the apocalypse. Earth is a daddy-daycare where soft minds are... 03 Feb 2016

With Childish Delight

Languishing in our dreams, when will the morning bring us the hope we desire so dearly. When will the sun appear before us to lead the way into that vast unknown we call 'the day'. Arising, we beseech whatever it is that rules over us, happy in... 16 Jul 2001

The Mirage of Dreaming

The time of now, the play of now, all encompass the compassion of Eternity awaiting it's final stroke of finality. The end is near, do you feel the passage of time washing through you in it's effort of awakening the sleeping giant? Slumbering in... 13 Mar 2001

Pass the Automaticity

Excuse me, Sir. Would you mind passing that Automaticity? Working on automatic, how does one develop an understanding of life's purposes and designs? In a word - impossible.... 23 Nov 1998

Walking Among The Dead

Many firmly believe that the souls who walk the Earth exist only in a sleep state. Some dedicate their entire lives to defining precisely what this sleep state is and correlating their assumptions with everyday life. Examples abound, but what of... 20 Aug 1998

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