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Poker At The OK Corral

Creeping in the back alleys along the line of shadow and light gremlins dart to and fro gleefully playing in impish delight. Welcome to the backwater called planet Earth… 06 Jan 2012

Where Have All The Players Gone?

Game-play is a wondrous analogy of occurrence and demarcation in a universe built for change. All change occurs because that is it’s nature. Any idea that one may possess, perhaps even to fervently hold onto, will eventually morph into something… 03 Jan 2008

I Got Game

There is a ‘clearing’ game going on. It’s purpose is to relieve and unburden the souls who inhabit this planet, to make them more able. It is a game that promises spiritual freedom and the opportunity to ensure your future. Your participation in… 26 Aug 2001

Interest Lies Where The Heart Is

Supposedly, the “OT” levels are where a being learns to become more “cause” over matter, energy, time and space. To put it more simply, the spiritual being gets to do whatever the hell they feel like doing. How does this concept work in reality?… 20 Aug 1998

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