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There he was on the rooftop, how could anyone, I should say, how could I have missed him before. That creature really created hell for this planet. First he came, we being a peaceful planet thought he also came in peace, but that was a terrible... 09 Aug 1992

There I Was

There I was just walking down the street, minding my own business, just looking around. Now don't forget, I wasn't bugging nobody, not a soul. Not me because I'm not that kind of guy. Well anyway, there I was, just me, and all of a sudden before... 09 Aug 1992


"Enat, when will the Krevue become what all the rest have thought it to be?" "In due time my son, in due time."... 09 Aug 1992


Apollo Twelve was so far man's greatest achievement in space. From the beginning of time man wanted to reach out to the vast unknown of outer space and discover. To be able to reach out and touch the planets was a dream beyond compare. Then man... 09 Aug 1992

The Resistance

The resistance.Powerful against its opposition it awaits its day. Jud was traveling through the space warp deciding just what it was he wanted to do.With time on his hands his choices seemed infinite yet very limited as well.... 09 Aug 1992

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