The Force of Change II

All civilizations come and go. There is just no way around this clearly defined and explicit rule of Man and in each incarnation civilization provides for specific nodes of meaning. For each there is a reason - for both group and individual. Man's progression requires subtle reorientation as forceful change creates the Beast which then must be tamed before moving on. Upon this Earth the Beast reigns supreme and as it extends it's expression deep into the depths of Man realization begins to take root that not all is well in the mind of Man. Unfortunately in welcoming the Beast there is always a ton of baggage which mysteriously arrives at one's doorstep just a short while later. Whispering stories of old we become enamored of the unrestrained glory and beg for more acting out upon the world what can plainly be seen as dementia. Being none-the-wiser we fall into the depths of a hell which we create for ourselves and such a hell it is as our creations are grand!.

But do we conceive the notion that something is wrong in the state of Denmark or do we carry on believing that everything is just fine. Is it just fine to lose family values whereby both parents must find gainful employment in order to shoulder the burden of providing sustenance to a government whose insatiable appetite knows no bounds. Is it just fine to denigrate all others in contrast to one's own beliefs? Is it just fine to allow one's children to become indoctrinated into a vision of society as defined by those to whom you have given full redemption? It once was that men were men and women were women. What happened whereby these birth-roles were given up for another to establish? If all species are equal then surely one has lost the ability to differentiate and in so losing sight the blind are overcome with education provided by those who 'know better'. There is no one who 'knows better' than you yourself.

Wars are instigated to create fear and control and in the massing of like mind of what use can the family be? As a hindrance sovereignty comes to be destroyed and the Beast established. Grouping as tribes, countries or cultures fear creates us versus them and instead of embracing the spirit of man the mind becomes the most potent weapon of all.

You are not what anyone else says that you are.

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