Rack 'em And Stack 'em

Looking up we see. Well, perhaps those who have the gift of sight, see. In either case, looking tends to produce a tidal wave of sensory feedback with the resulting tendency to look upon such rewards with great relish and most of all, pleasure - until we enter into the zone of electronics in which case feedback is neither desired nor placed anywhere even near the radar of expected results.

None-the-less the line of demarcation is there for all to see, right up there. Do you see where I'm pointing to?

Just follow the bouncing ball as we all sing and dance to the rhythmic beat of "Oh, what a night!".

And then dawn breaks the silence bringing forth much more than the chirping birds which dutifully signal our thirst for but another day of sowing our own peculiar seeds upon the firmament.

Yes, indeed. When lines intersect a cross in time becomes quite apparent.

An Update

In the interest of interest this is older news, it's been in play for a bit now. There are no secrets, so I tend to make a habit of saying exactly what it is I am doing and where it will lead. That is no longer true as recently I am just letting things go exactly where they are going without trying to account for the ignorance that seems so prevalent these days.

But that is another matter for another day...

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