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About This Website

See also: About Me In the ebb and flow of time, things happen. This website is but just another cog in the wheel called life and living. Try not to spill any.... 16 Feb 2020

A Walk in The Shadows

I do not stand in front, you will never see me at the fore-front. It's not because I do not wish to be the target, it's that I know my place in the universe. You see that twinkle in God's eye, yeah.... that's me. Humility. Being humble... 11 Apr 2018

Good-bye And Thanks For All The Fish

It's true, when it's time to say goodbye then it's time to say it and not spray it all over the wall of 'look at me, ain't I grand' showcase where all the hookers go for rest and relaxation. Ahh yes, those were the days my friends where... 21 Sep 2016

About Me

I've decided that with so many people out there who feel that their importance is quite justified I am going to write a little something about me. Yes, I am. In a nutshell I can tell you that I am a nobody doing nothing of any import. My... 21 Sep 2016

Surviving The Maelstrom* Called 'Me'

The question is - can it be survived? And the answer is, of course, no.... 09 Jan 2012

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