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Here We Go... Again

I seem to have lost the ability to ponder and wonder at the plight of Man and... beast. It's not the first time, who knows whether it will be the last or not. In either case if sharing is caring then please ignore me to the best of your... 19 Jul 2020

Serious Business

If you don't see me does that mean that I am not here? If I diminish my presence does that me that I am nothing but a lowly cur suitable for treatment fit for such? What if I regale my position of poor standing from the highest mountain tops,... 25 Feb 2016

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

Comfortable? Can I get you anything? Some have called Earth a prison planet where the righteous have come to be contained, restrained and entrained. But there is another view of the apocalypse. Earth is a daddy-daycare where soft minds are... 03 Feb 2016

Loving That Thing Called 'Me'

Do you love your country? I suppose that in certain parts of the world loving one's country is considered a duty and if not subscribed to then the weight of authority tends to come crashing down upon one's person. There are repercussions... 18 Jan 2012

Surviving The Maelstrom* Called 'Me'

The question is - can it be survived? And the answer is, of course, no.... 09 Jan 2012

When The Blind See...

Being 'human' requires borders and boundaries within which one's existence can be limited, contained and channeled. Hearing the voices of despair we become it and drop this non-sense of individuality. Nurturing a 'good' and obedient gang of... 18 Oct 2010

Becoming Human

From heaven to hell our route consumes us in our quest of movement through time and space. Where we go and what we have done comes to mean little as we dive head first into the next action scene of our devising. Strange as it seems, we do indeed... 16 Nov 2005

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