Tag: compassion

In the Pit of the Stomach

Oh the ache, the pain of being 'human' so as to be to feel the agonized wrenching of those whose turmoil cannot be isolated - nor should it be. Compassion isn't about thinking that you are doing good, it's about demonstrating the capacity to... 24 Feb 2017

Love, War And Then...

Humanity has this compulsion to always be right, to assume victory even through ill-gotten gains in which case 'victory' becomes nothing but a redefinition of someone's personal hell. Speaking of which, it is through those doors that for some... 25 Apr 2016

Pleasure For The Holidays

Here is the time of year where those with enough Federal Reserve Notes go out and parlay their savings into some tangible product full of return and value. Oh what fun it is to bump shoulders with the rest of the flock while feeding at the... 13 Dec 2011

Glass Apparent

:-( I shudder into silence.When I look in the mirrorI see the blackest of blackand am amazed at it's depth.And when I look againI see compassion in full dress.There in the mirror before melies my future.Stepping... 17 Aug 2001

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