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Cracking The Egg

Times passes and in the space of between all becomes not just clear but razor sharp.The world view may appear as one thing or another but in definition the results of our past becomes not just known, but clearly represented and… 08 Sep 2021

Every Single Thing

In trespassing we find purpose, sometimes especially when we least expect it. Our point of view carries us forward and then after a while we find out that it actually pushes us forward, many times to our detriment. In the pits of hell we do… 13 Feb 2021

Tilting The Wheel, Filling In The Gap

Lots of stuff is happening these days, especially as the gods practice their bowling up in the heaven of dreams. There are plenty of lines in the sand all across this ‘mysterious’ universe where a huge cast of characters display their wares. The… 20 Nov 2020

Eagles Fly

In times of old ‘progressive’ thinking became the basis of thinking and from that was born an era of mindless ecstasy rooted in self-serving venues where performances and performers endeavored to out-perform any and every thing on the face of… 27 Oct 2019

Sweet Dreams

The weather is fine and dandy, the food pleasant and filling, the company agreeable. Everything is quite balanced and harmonic. Nothing to see here, move along. Some things never change and in appearance the embrace of stupidity is held out as a… 13 May 2014

The Killing Time

There are always times and time whereby distaste for the living brings about unwarranted repercussions, but in the Light of Ourselves, this is not only impossible, but entirely impossible. Living from day to day in the wide expanse of the… 07 May 2004

A Daily Constitutional

Lacking in fortitude, we reach for the stars to belay our hopes and fears trusting in another place to easy our pain and suffering. Allowing ourselves to becomes overwhelmed with emotional content, we delve into our imagination to come up with… 11 Jul 2001

We Effort To Live

Within the Love that lurks within, is this where the land of Oz meets reality? Can Life extend it’s wishes across all borders and boundaries. Does the beast of burden fall prey to neither. Among the walking dead, the glow of life never… 07 Jul 2001

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