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Down The Alley of Opportunity

There is always a 'way out'. There are no closed doors ever. What we may think is not always so. Our perception is driven by our desire and in so 'seeing' all comes into focus. As we create so shall we live. Is there really a god.... 11 Oct 2022

Listen To Your Heart

In proclamation we seek justice and in the time of our own shadow we yearn for, wait for it, truth. Of course when our perception takes form so do we and in our expression the definition becomes clear though meaningless. What are we to make of... 27 Oct 2020

Hearing The Call

The time of now, the want of now,Nothing stands in it's way.Revealing itself, it becomes itself,Never modifying it's stance of diminutive superiority. Time stands still in it's worship of All.The all of All embraces all.Nothing... 13 Nov 2000

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