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Stepping Stones To A Dead End

Infinity is endless. Less an end to come to, what then will become of those poor ‘lost’ souls who wander and wonder upon the sands of time herein referred to as ‘Earth’. But never mind that, right? I love the endless symphony of orchestration,… 01 Aug 2019

Walking on the Wild Side

Breezing through life and living it can be easily overlooked that there is indeed purpose. From one entertainment sphere to the next our minds can become wrapped and enveloped in things, both physical and mental. How easily our attention can… 08 Aug 2014

The I's Have It

In the interest of full disclosure I’d like to say that whatever you read here is suspect. I do mess with people’s perspectives. Consider it a form of my own entertainment, not some devious nefarious plan for world domination… 28 Aug 2013

Boundless Joy

The object of any type of processing, from our point of view, is to resolve sticking issues only. Handling and resolving every single item that comes up is a waste of time and effort, not to mention that it effectively outpoints you into the… 19 Sep 2000

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