Tag: identification

The _Human_ Form

Being human is no different than a spiritual being. Being one thing or another is just that - going to the costume party in full regalia. We are what we are so delving into one's nature seems if not downright silly then at least worthy of... 16 Feb 2012

Driving Miss Daisy

A drivers license is a requirement by the State to ensure that a person wishing to freely move about and on the roadways become identified and identifiable. In order to create regimented and orderly activities upon these roadways, the driver... 03 Jan 2008

Clanging The Church Bell

When we identify ourselves with some thing we become that something and so lose ourselves to the same degree. Claiming a title is like living up to a death sentence and so as the executioner we narrow our focus and pretend to be something which... 09 May 2005

We Bind Ourselves With Identification

Identifying ourselves with attributes, objects or states of being makes these appear as reality to us. In this way we bind ourselves with our identification of "otherness". Losing ourselves in our projections, we create reality and become the... 19 Jun 2000

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