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You Are Not Going Anywhere

Gazing within the crystal ball, sometimes referred to as the imagination, our attention becomes captivated by the wondrous glories of our creations. Distilling the real from the unreal can become seemingly impossible when our attention is so... 17 Oct 2002

Wheel Of Life

I am the pliable self. Whatever you wish for me to be, I will become that. I blend in easily and become a part of the landscape with no conscious effort. Each individual sees me as they wish to see me. I am what I should be, no more and no less.... 02 Oct 2001

Escape Is Not An Option

There are always turning points in our existence. They can range from a minor change in thought, to life changing experiences, but always they appear suddenly and without warning - or so it appears. Knowledge contains many components in which... 19 Jul 2001

Friendly Self Importance

Importance requires us to perceive along a very narrow band of perception. Relative importances requires us to perceive along these same narrow bands. Restricting perception, whatever or wherever we place out attention, it is there that... 17 Jul 2001

BTs vs Attention Units

BTs, clusters, monitors, machinery, etc all have one common element. This element is a sort of basic-basic on what these items are really all about and that is Attention Units. What is an Attention Unit? Attention Units are actually theta... 27 Dec 1999

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