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The Acsension Experience - Will You Pay The Price?

There is a thought process making the rounds in the 'FreeZone' (contrary to the 'Free Zone') and it is being promoted as the answer to 'fix' the problems inherent in previous 'ascension states'. An 'ascension state' could be defined as being a... 30 Sep 2002

Power In All The Wrong Places

The sounds of silence. What better way to capture knowledge than in the silence of one's own sphere. Creating peace, the ties that bind become clear.... 22 Sep 2002

Energy Transference

There is a theory of energy transference and it goes like this; the movement of energy, from source to object, creates affection and closes space. In this process, what is accomplished is not only the transference of one's own energy, but the... 19 Jul 2001

Discoveries, Where Would We Be Without Them?

There is always something to discover. A new process, a new idea, some inner realization about some minute aspect of Ourselves. Always, there is something in which we busy ourselves, searching, revealing and then searching again. The Wheel of... 19 Feb 2001

Points Of Power

There is the quietness of emptiness, a peacefullness that creates a tranquility of no-effort. Within that effortless embodiment, nothing moves, nothing rejoices, no demands are given or received. There is no bliss, there is no pain. All that... 18 Oct 2000

Personal Gain

This from Carlos Castaneda's "The Power Of Silence": >"Malicious acts are performed by people for personal gain," he said. "Sorcerers, though, have an ulterior purpose for their acts, which has nothing to do with personal gain. The fact that... 23 Sep 2000

The Power of Self-Importance

Interesting it is that processing techniques and methods bring about an increase in the power of individuality and it's expression thereof. Interesting also is the fact that this power seems to go right to the head and create further unnecessary... 22 Sep 2000

The Life We Lead Is Not Our Own

Scurrying through life, where are the ever-lasting rewards which we so desperately seek through the use of the frivolous day-to-day activities we undertake to be of import. Therein lies the turmoil. The importance of activity reveals the... 21 Mar 2000

The Way To Create Power

"An individual's ability to generate power by his own consideration depends utterly upon his ability to position himself It's as simple as that." Transcript of the lecture "Exteriorization", by L. Ron Hubbard, 1955 This sums up the... 18 Jan 2000

Winds of Change

The power of a spiritual being comes not in what they proclaim to be power, but in what form their actions take. Power is not something that is spoken. To speak with power is to convince others of your own nebulous power. If others believe, then... 20 Aug 1998

Power Terminals

Power Terminals exist outside of the universe and are designed to provide oneself with a sense of generated power sufficient to overcome the physical universe. Matter, as energy, generates a large amount of power and in relation to this a thetan... 20 Aug 1998

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