Gathering Minds

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Marketing Devices

"Logic and critical thinking skills are vital to successful and sensible living, and are sorely lacking in modern education. If we can provide someone with the ability to think better, we then give that person the ability to successfully and…

Keeping The Nose Clean

There are some things which are not of my concern. It’s not because of dis-interest it’s more of recognizing that whatever the specific topic is, is not something with which I should be involved with. There are some things which I do take…

The Thought-fullness of Thinking

This is being written in the format of a gentle introduction."I think, therefore I am."

Getting Past The Thought

Opinions blind us, thoughts rule us and our own sense of superiority destroys us. They all share a common bond and as Free Zone America upholds directness, so too these thoughts and ideas uphold a common basis through which these find…

From Here To There

From ‘here’ to ‘there’, from ‘I’ to ‘i’ and from the third person to up close and personal, whatever the label, it all comes down to the same representation. These terms are employed by those who wish to make a statement about themselves….