What A Momentous Occasion To Celebrate

Crossing The Matrix, Swimming With The Fishes and Other Assorted Wayward Imaginings

There is always a time of restitution, of zombie-killing feel-good compensation where we can rejoice in our well earned glee of the excitement of a job well done. But what is it that has been accomplished and where do we draw the line of feeling good for our selves? There is no other time of our embrace into the balance of nature then the exact moment we so lovingly call 'now'. Yes, while some snicker and others give a nice hearty roll of the eyes, the fact remains that we are embedded in this land called Life and Living - whether we like it or not - meaning that whether we accept it or not.

It does indeed boil down to that little thing called 'acceptance'.

Do we embrace our selves in the excitement of amusement rides rolling with the coaster up and down repeatedly while throwing our arms to the four winds screaming at the top of our lungs that we are free? Hardly. While thrill-seekers get their just rewards what exactly is it that we are left with - what is it that remains for the rest of us?

The answer is not that it is blowing in the wind but more along the lines of us being carried by the four winds.

Make no mistake that this is not some nebulous 'thing' which will-nilly throws us to and fro upon the vast and wild seas called the bodily experience. Nay we purposefully and openly reject such. We who reside upon the four winds neither acknowledge nor give just due to that which paves the way for our footsteps, creating the so-called 'safe' path we all endure. Yes, we do endure this straight and extremely narrow path called the way of the warrior. For when we cease to endure the finality of our own convictions we become subject to them and thereby embody the belief that we are alive. In such a far-off existence we become the zombies so lovingly tendered in squeamish delight for easy pickings.

But we do not uphold such beliefs nor partake of such roads in self deceptive anguish. We, the free and unbequeathed desire no such fate neither upon our selves nor any such thing living upon the sands of time. Though we flow with the seasons, coming and going with neither regard nor notice, our due diligence carries us through the day... and night.

As the tides turn we turn and when we finally lay down to rest we find that this supposed sense of rest fails to apply. In Creation we walk the path not of our choosing but through necessity we find our place out among the stars where the Sparks of Creation fall in bountiful beauty captivating our essence and returning it to us bursting with a joy unbounded and though we may try to encompass it's road through limitation our failure becomes ensured. Nothing is ever laid to rest and so when Creation knocks on our door there is no answering for the compelling action has already taken place. Knowing this we regulate neither time, space nor dimension. Events neither carry us away nor define our destiny as these too have already come to pass and yes, passed us by with nary a notice.

In the end there is no one to blame but ourselves for greatness on either end of the pendulum for blame it is that emboldens us when we partake of that which is not for us to partake. This is not to say that our celebration of life must be denied for it is not so but in the correct application of celebration we find that our token of appreciation becomes full-filled.

In this we can only whole-hearted give every single last ounce of our beingness to that 'thing' which some call Creation in the pure joy of knowing that we are.

Yes, because we are, all is.

What a momentous occasion to celebrate!

So let us celebrate this occasion fully and completely knowing that in this moment of our time we give it fully and completely.

Salutations to all.

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