May Your Journey Be Suitable To Your Tastes

For some it may come to trouble to comprehend what can be called 'Creation' - with a capital 'C'. In Man's understanding of self there is a huge gaping hole called the mind of Man and in this pit of despair lies all sorts of imaginings. In so making our world we tend to become not only the effect of such but of other, similar such ramblings. Torment loves company and in the prison of our dreams we call come together to live as one happy family bound and gagged.

But that is not what is being discussed here.

Creation is not just the play fields but the players, the pieces one and all. How is it that one is part of some thing else? How is it that in our separation we define ourselves as being unique with qualities unlike any other? Are we really that which conjures up fairy tales of time and space adventuring out into the great 'unknown'? In reality there is no unknown other than that which is contemplated by lack and limitation and in this lack and limitation we find a perception of 'wholeness' and 'uniqueness'. How odd.

Many suppose that religion is the bane of our existence but I would suggest that the bane of one's existence is that which one creates for one's own pleasure. Yes, pleasure for otherwise one would have something far, far, different and but some strange twist of fate, this difference is what screams and yells that there is no God.

While it is true that there is no 'God' it does not mean that there is no God.

In playing the nomenclature game some win and some loose but in reality there is no 'playing' at all. In twisting time and space we can attempt to bend the universe to our will but guess what - just when it all seems to come together it falls flat on it's face - and it always does. Does this not signify something?

We all contain a sense of being but what happens when this 'sense' comes to be thrown out the window with a heart-felt chuckle? Where is the need for separation in 'creators', 'co-creators' or any other such fanciful foot-shuffling when the truth of one's existence comes to pass? Enlightenment is well underrated by those whose memory serves them well while those who have already tossed their coins into the toll basket make no such exclamation. What am I saying here - nothing beyond that in coming to terms with a totality well beyond the scope of mere mortal man we all must pay the piper. But do we rally need to in order to confront creation itself?

In confronting a creation we ourselves have created what comes to pass is nothing much worth noting as it is all full of hot air anyway. But when we get past the little tiny thing called our own sense of being Creation is something on a whole 'nother chess board. Not only does it exceed the bounds of our own limitation it relishes the opportunity to encompass, absorb and formulate something else entirely out of it.

I suppose that is the point of this - to provide the perspective that something out of nothing can and indeed is, being made all the time. That is something which is really amazing if you think about it.

Which would help to explain my complete and utter consistent sense of amazement - and it constantly grows. To fathom the balance, the complete and total harmony of the Universe is something quite amazing said the leaf to the air as it fell to the Earth.

As you walk the Earth embodied in purpose and plan may you find the door of opportunity at every turn of the road, at every bend in the path - right where it has always been, patiently waiting for you to beckon.

Fair roads and good weather my friend. May your journey be suitable to your tastes.

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