Status Report : 26 March 2012

Recently I've come across a few things here and there on the Internet which pointed out to me that perhaps it is again time to publish another Status Report since a lot has happened since the last one a full two years hence. It's strange that I keep putting these out but in the Land of Make-Believe strangeness is about as commonplace as dark shadows in dimly lit hallways. Would you not agree?

Electronic Interference

'Interference' can come in all sorts of shapes (external-spiritual-interference)? and <sizes but they all boil down to a puppet dancing to a different tune. Movers and shakers, one and all, pull the strings they are given. Is that not such a strange turn of events - to give the devil his due? What then will the puppet master determine to be his fate after such a grand and glorious, not to mention entertaining, show? All the world is a stage and I am it.

Bow out now before the chance to do so leaves the arena on winged hoof. Following in someone else's footsteps is sometimes a very noble thing to do. Are we not all of the same caliber?

Let's move on to the actual report.

Status Emeritus

Rulers and movers bind themselves to time, space and fortuitous events but in tracking such foolish behavior prediction can hardly be anything else than what it is - the power of Man's intellect to bring about a change that He can believe in. What else can one expect? Surely the wool pulled over one's eyes can be used for other purposes than to provide a deep dark place in which to hide.

There is no hiding. Not this time. And unlike any other time this one is here and now. Understanding does not require information overload to get the point.

Though I tire of the repetition in staking claim of neutrality the urging to rescind it's valor has perhaps, mottled it's effect. In so bringing to terms my terms, the required realignment occurs but how can agreement be true when the Heart cannot help but to reveal it's nature in expression? This is quite plain to see so any and all pretension becomes moot.

Cutting to the core to extract the seed of despair can only be undertaken by those of need. Where the need is stated, action follows. Where the need remains shallow, fishing continues. Where the need has yet to bloom, darkness embraces. We all have choice, of honor and valor in battle or in succumbing to that which we resist.

Resistance is futile.

Joining The Ranks of Power and Privilege

The Boy's Club seems to be a part of the fabric of this Universe but in this apparent reality delusion runs rampant. It's not masculine energy with purpose and plan in action but a bunch of juvenile children running around in circles yelling and screaming "Look at me!", "Look at me, wheeee!".

It's enough to give anyone a head-ache. Perhaps it's time to say: "Use your inside voice." in a kind, gentle, parental sort of way. Graduated responses to graduated conditions.

Since the trait of 'power and privilege' is packaged with clearly defined proclivities it's not a matter of ignorance in coming to 'deal with it' but one of nurturing the handling of the explosion of experiential delights upon such.

Spring break is about over.

As The Universe Turns...

Drama is but another item in apparent display upon the folds of time. If it's not one thing it's another. There is always something going on to require our attention. Attending to one's business does not mean creating business.

The Weeping Eye of Newt

Concoctions require exacting amounts of specific ingredients precisely combined in order to perpetuate the illusion of control and conquest. Illusion knows no bounds because it all is. That is the secret to a happy and well-adjusted experience in the Land of Life and Living.

Trying to control the heavens just leaves us all stumbling and fumbling in the dark, looking for the light switch. Why not just leave the porch light on while one is out? Coming home is always a pleasure then.

This is why burning one's bridges is not a recommended self-preservation tactic. You can't go to someone else's house in the expectation of it being your own.

Except for mine.

Planet Earth-Go-Round

It's been called a 'looney bin', 'prison planet', 'marvelous vacation spot' - all sorts of names have been used and thrown at it to see if it sticks. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to call it a 'slippery slope' because just when you think that you've got a handle on it, it slips away. From one side of the equation to the other, 'round and 'round it goes, where it stops no-body knows.

Perhaps the place is just a watershed event. Nothing more and nothing less. In which case, why make more of it than what it is?

Perhaps it's just a staging ground for 'souls' to work out their issues.

Perhaps it's just a place where one can get great-tasting chemically-altered fast-food designed by some biological genius. Sometimes we do not like what we see when we look in the mirror and so must change it to suit our own sense of failure. But why shop at this planet when the Universe is the shopping mall? Is there not a food section there surpassing all others?

I Told You So

And I have.

Which makes my terms inviolable.

In Light The Darkness Consumes It's Self

Black holes provide a ways and means to an end. What that 'end' is, is for one to discover as the step across the threshold is undertaken. It's not the action but the motivation which determines one's fate. Do you really think that you are the Master of this Universe? It's not about 'what goes up must come down' but about one's sense of self, the awareness one has of the idea of who or what one really is. Without the security of wisdom fear rules the roost.

I've got chickens, so I know how this goes.

In The Name of Servitude

God does not create slaves, Man does that for his own selfish pleasure. Isn't it great that you are given this gift? Out of all potentialities you are. Why the long face?

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