Recent Communication

When the night comes all life descends into a darkness that seems to last forever but in reality the darkness is but movement upon the sands of time and like the hourglass which holds the sand in it's embrace, purpose and plan can mean just about anything according to which the turning comes to be. There just would be no sense in spinning the wheel of chance for no good reason don't you think?


For some reason or other my web host mail server became blacklisted and because Internet providers tend to track spam lists in order to ease the pain of unwanted mail, my email became blacklisted - meaning 'undeliverable'. Co-incidentially my router decided to block all access to my own website. After conferring with my webhost I was told that the blacklisting problem was resolved. So I try to send email again and wouldn't you know it, it still gets rejected. Meanwhile I am successful in resolving the router issue and once again can access my own website - what a concept!

The blacklisting issue still remains and perhaps this too will get resolved in time.

The lynch pin or center point where all of this revolves around just happens to be the fact of a communication reestablishment but the stupid clones don't even realize that communication happens regardless. There is a lot of movement happening these days and despite all the uproar some things simply will not change.

Perception is a two-edged sword and cuts both ways and I make full use of this fact. I am referring to the basis of perception and of how beings use it. Stepping into the circle tends to frighten little children but that is only because of deep dark secrets hidden in the bosom of despair. I am no stranger to walking the many lands available sometimes called 'the fields of play'. In this one dimensional shift-sifting 'wonderland' there is no wonder for me to behold therefore there can be no captivation. If there is an urge to have this demonstrated please feel free to reveal your own temptation by doing so. I will not resist.

In greener pastures the idyllic life comes to be embraced - but only in relation. There are no greener pastures for me and no relation exists. Isn't that a strange and perplexing statement to make?

I really do not care for the limelight and typically have another stand in my stead. There have been times where requirements demand it to be otherwise but this is not by choice but by requirement. Isn't it strange that I am but a humble servant? Isn't it strange that I can command some things which can boggle the mind and yet further boggling ensues when I become the effect of such?

I suppose the bottom line is that what you see is what you see. I will not interfere with that.

But there are times which require that what you see is what will be seen.

There is currently a push to move things in a heightened manner, on both sides of the fence. Seems everyone has a deadline these days but if you will notice, it is that deadline which all either fully embrace or completely reject. Motivation to action takes place wherever one sits in the stadium. In that frame of reference, the score is tied and the last play is about to be executed. It's either win or lose and the crowd is going wild in expectation.

That's about where I step in. I will use that emotional 'high' and formulate an harmonic frequency which, in balance with the universe, produces a reverberating shock wave realigning existence according to collective perceptional requirements.

It will be a good day for some and not so good for others. But since I lack relation it's all the same to me.

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