Prest-o Change-o

The change-over of timelines has come to completion. In this once alternate proposition, now the present can be.

There has been and is much submission into the theory and theories of what is fashionably called 'ascension'. Though at times I do try to say this with a straight face, most times I fail. Do humans really believe that the 'big switch' in the sky is all it takes to sit back and watch it all as on television, with a well stocked supply of barely edible snacking 'delights'?

Statement of Record

Alternate timeline is officially assimilated.
Not really a game-changer, more like a parting gift.

Live well, be well, am well.

Listing (as in ship) Thoughts

This website is as a blackboard where things come to be scribbled as a way to broadcast energetic particulates. These patterns of recognition, embedded in time and space, perpetuate until their destination as source becomes fulfilled, at which moment the pattern dissipates. It could 'float' in all eternity and yet find it's way home.

As has been said many times previously, whether one, some or none come to visit, it makes no difference at all. It's not about the visitors1.

The funny thing about changes is that it always requires an unchanged perspective from which to view, otherwise there is no change. Therefore, in the current timeline there never has been any change and that is the point. Once everyone comes on board nothing happens. It's not until the channel changes do we gain the context in which to make up our minds. But that is already all said and done.

I just wanted to point out the contextual framework in the forward-thinking idea that perhaps self-sufficiency will come to rule the future roost. Until then, may your adventure be everything you wish it to be.

What happens when the change you want to see in the world becomes you? Can it then really be called 'different'?

  1. visitors: a plural meaning is implied here (not just the long count). 

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