A Walk In The Park

Even though city parks are now 'sanitized' in order to ensure the peaceful tranquility of emptiness, they do serve their purpose. I'm not talking about the 'pet parks' where little furry animals get to do their business while the whole world watches. No, slavemasters indeed have no shame.

What I am talking about is something else. Not the 'peaceful tranquility of emptiness' but of the other side of things. You know, the one where people still gather for camaraderie, where happenings still take place. I understand that when one typically looks at this sort of thing, it's not there.

Don't let it fool you - it is.

I like the analogy of 'Spanky and Our Gang' where the sign above the clubhouse says "No girls allowed". It's not that 'girls' weren't allowed, it's more that some certain others were not allowed. Call it racist if you like but this exclusion is not something which is pushed upon others, but rather something that others take upon themselves. How can it be considered 'exclusive' then?

In the fashionable word-sense of today it might be called 'self-exclusion'. Maybe that's another way of saying that in doing one's shameless business it can be difficult to see what is going on when all the attention is on one's passing.

I always loved the animation of Buckwheat.

Of course that was only in relation to the rest of the cast of characters, hence the clubhouse.

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