Kind Of Boring

In escaping we run, trying ever so hard to not look back. Forward is the momentum and full steam ahead is the order of the day. As we gaze upon the horizon we lose our self respect. There is no horizon and yet the dream continues.

Delving into the unknown our fishing expedition tends to come up empty and devoid of meaning. Perhaps another day, perhaps another moment will reveal our splendor. In the eyes of desire all things are possible.

As we embark upon the new lands our sights tend to retain the past but sooner or later even these things drop away in disinterest. It's true, we tend to entertain our selves in many, many ways.

Waking from a dream we live but another day in which to find our glory. Seeking and searching, finding is not always an option as it tends to put a damper on things. In the ending of one chapter another must come to the fore and so the hamster wheel of Life and Living gets another customer, and we relish such.

In the exploration of our 'limitations' much becomes revealed but it is of little concern where there are no such self-imposed boundaries. In deception we create a life to live and in that ignorance we 'learn' our lessons. Such folly!

The life we live is but a thought crossing the mind's eye. There are a million of them, so to speak and each one ever so precious to our sense of purpose. As we live through our day dreams suffering becomes inevitable. But just think of the possibilities!

In creating the possibility of our expression we become. It's kind of boring at this point is it not?

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