Walking Among The Stars

I am a stranger in a stranger land. It's not that I don't belong here, it's more along the lines of fullfilling that which has been assigned to me. I do follow orders1, fully and completely.

There exists upon this universe a purpose and plan. It's not about the universe experiencing it's self because believe it or not that is old hat. Moving into a new era requires something... different and lo and behold, it is so. I understand the power of the universe as it not only defines me but is me2.

No Man is an island. I've used the term 'Man' much over the years to describe the obvious but ignorance has a way of replicating it's self into the hearts and minds of wanderers, prophets and those darn 'seers'3. In comfort and glee, as we sit on the couch munching our favorite snacks, we look upon the universe and think we see. In reflection we become4.

There is no point in being as we are what we are5.

  1. We are all one. 

  2. Now there's a thought that's out there

  3. There is no future to 'see'. 

  4. Did you notice how I slipped that in there? 

  5. End of story. 

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