Dive, Dive, Dive!

Diving into the deep waters of Life and Living requires one to hold the breath for an extended period of time. It's not that it's required to hold the breath but it's become standard practice. Mind games are like that, rigorous proclamations in order to ensure no deviation occurs. How boring.

There are many roads to choose from as one travels along their path and paths. Sometimes it takes quite a bit of work and 'figuring' in order to reach the conclusion that this path is the correct one1.

Finding our way into the darkness requires the sense that we travel in and through darkness in order to arrive at our destination. What one thinks becomes the reality one endures. It doesn't have to be that way but I'm not here to upset the apple-cart of historical certainty. Where some fly, others crawl upon the dust of the four winds of time, purpose and plan2.

Engaging our pursuits, we tend to take up arms to defend them against all comers. The only thing written in stone is what we decide. Man can move mountains and yet proclaim the loss of power as inevitable. Playing both sides against our sense of self is a fool's errand and yet, the crowds cheer in glee at the sight. We all love to see a good battle don't we.

No one sleeps.

And so here we are with our belongings in tow expecting the unexpected. Good luck with that.

  1. And typically once that is uttered the path magically changes directions. How amazing! 

  2. Oh wait, that's three!. 

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