Engaging That Which Falters

We are not alone. We are never alone, there is no such thing. It doesn't mean that we are a collective seeking a joining, it means that our connections define us. What is it that we are connected to, fame and fortune along with the ever-present glory or is there something else that we deem to be in our path along the road less traveled. Though there are many roads there can be only one for us and it is that one which defines us.

Like it or not what is reflected, is our selves in movement. It may be difficult to come to terms with what we see but it is not uncommon to differentiate between our thought process and that which lies before us. Fighting the tide can be absolutely exhausting. And then we tire enough we give way or at the very least consider other possibilities. The road ahead can be in thought or in motion. Are we as good as our word?

Proclaiming our way forward from the bell towers of belief has us arrive to where it is that we think we are. From there the road can only be fraught with dangers and deceit and so it is. But let's move beyond our selves shall we.

As we dive headlong into the abyss we give up all self determination. Our drive to become us must leave the room post haste. We are not a thing of beauty to behold but are that which exists. All else is just icing on the cake and make of it what you will but that icing is does nothing to cement our relationship with the Universe.

Since the Universe lies within us our sense of individuality becomes moot. Though we may narrowly focus upon such from time to time eventually the realization hits home that living a small lie is nothing in comparison to living large.

We are the Universe both big and small. So what's the problem?

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