Tag: motion

In Motion, No Commotion

A mind not in motion creates commotion. I'm gonna sell this.... 04 Apr 2016

Indelibly Linked

Well, here it is... In motion I find the being which is, of course, merely the writing upon the wall of what already is.... 28 Sep 2013

Motion In Commotion

Change continuously occurs sometimes despite or even in spite of our best intentions, whatever they may be. In motion we tend to find happiness. When we go to the beach for a summer's day of rest and relaxation we seek to find inner peace and... 28 Jan 2008

Gaining Ground

Giving and taking, motion in motion becomes excited and charged. The energy charge increases and begins to seek fullfillment outside of itself. It must not be denied. Seeking, it becomes the Vampire at night, sucking from it's prey, life and... 08 Jan 2002

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