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Grounding In The Basis Of Life

Grounding ourselves to the physical universe, we create the life envisioned for ourselves - jumping with joy at the delight of such. Our endeavors entrap us in it’s arms and sweep us away to far-off lands enticed with exotic adventures never… 29 Jan 2009

Entering The Fire

The fire of Man is burning desire. What form that desire makes itself known as makes little difference as the damage has already been done. Moving away from our core requires us to deny our very existence and out of that maelstrom life arises in… 13 Jun 2005

Chancing The Fire

Closely. How closely can we get to the flame without becoming consumed? It can be a very fine line that we walk and sometimes, causalities litter the alleyways. In the process of exposing ourselves to the light, inevitability sets in. It is… 10 Apr 2003

Fire In The Sky

Marcabians, the current ‘rulers’ in this little corner of the galaxy, pride themselves on being able to wear the emblems and adornments of “greatness”. Of course sometimes, titles and regalia are located purely in the head. As you may know, or… 17 Oct 2002

Awaiting Your Arrival

It could be looked upon that in the entirety of existence there is the one and only path of true knowledge. All others would then be viewed as being subservient and therefore frivolous. Is there one and only one way to achieve spiritual freedom?… 28 Jun 2001

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