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Looking, Searching And....

There was once upon a time a story about a Seeker looking for 'something', a 'something' which was always seemingly elusive and quite hard to not only 'find' but to define. Definition of substance requires us to to have some sort of 'knowledge'... 18 Jul 2020

Hearing Is Not Seeing

In the twilight zone of life and living there are many strange occurrences which occupy both our time and attention. In the playground of the mind there is a tendency to lose one's self amongst the mirror and mirrors of our divine nature.... 01 Jun 2019

The Center Of Beingness

Out of the center, all things come. Come what may all that we can do is simply to relax into it's fruition and come to be that which we already are. Despite the fact of our own unique brand of foolishness, nothing can change who or what we... 05 Mar 2007

Finding The Door

Looking lost, we ever search in order that we may find and in the process we merely lose ourselves yet again. Always on the look-out for something more, our attention continuously wavers day in and day out until, at long last, we pay it no mind... 28 Feb 2007

Who Are You. No, Really.

This is an acknowledgment to those who are regular visitors here, to those who find their way here fairly regularly in whatever time frame that happens in. Greetings!... 12 Dec 2006

There Is No Going Back

Walking and waiting in the wind, we tend to catch hold of every leaf that blows by. Whether through chance or fate we catch hold and fly like the wind. After a time, we find ourselves to be quite removed from where we started, but then, another... 08 Jun 2005

Out On A Limb

Shirley MacLaine, the New Age spiritual seeker certainly went out on a limb to bring to the fore-front the idea that there is something much more to us than our physical form. Standing on the beach and loudly proclaiming "I am God!" is not... 25 Feb 2004

Living Enhancement

We all seem to want to 'live better'. Finding a better life, a better job, more wealth, a flashier car and of course the all-time favorite, the 'perfect' spouse or 'friend'. Challenges, we will happily engage ourselves in until we reach fruition... 03 Jun 2003

Walking Away From Walking Away

Looking in the mirror, from the mirror, the endless depths of our potential can be seen. Endlessly, the possibilities fade into our perspective of view. From here, we can see forever. While the attention is down the track of time, here we... 06 May 2003

Would We Be The Same?

Asleep, I watch in panicked distrust of things and places circling above me as vultures in need. Never imagined and never trusting in the life of one who leads same, there can be only forlorn hope of that which ever exceeds my grasp. Catching a... 02 Aug 2001

Breaking The Bonds Of Identification

Searching, we attach ourselves to the things we see, identifying ourselves to the objects that magically come before us in representation of the things we hold most dear. Dropping the logical sequence of events, we yearn for meaning only to be... 04 Apr 2001

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