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Keeping It Going

Mind based processing requires a lot of effort. That’s nothing unusual for this sort of thing, but sometimes, an added effort is needed to overcome certain inherent limitations in the system. Processing without being face-to-face is certainly… 22 Dec 2001

Group Processing

Long, long before the Confederacy, there came to be a civilization proud and strong of good intent. These people were in their early stages of development, and even though many, many ways and means were tested and tried, the general direction… 04 Aug 2001

Boundless Joy

The object of any type of processing, from our point of view, is to resolve sticking issues only. Handling and resolving every single item that comes up is a waste of time and effort, not to mention that it effectively outpoints you into the… 19 Sep 2000

Event Processing

Event processing approaches consciousness from an action perspective. Mind-clearing approaches consciousness as if the mind, and that which uses it, are one and the same. Consideration is not action. Postulates are not action. These require… 25 Jul 2000

Between Lives, Where Will It End?

Scientology mind-processing is in it’s infancy and according to the ‘highest authority’ on the subject, it is earmarked for that state in perpetuity. In other words, it’s a dead subject. Luckily, some benefits can be garnered from walking the… 24 Jul 2000

Picture Perfect

Processing pictures leads to the state of “Clear”. Processing more pictures leads to the state of “Operating Thetan”. Processing even more pictures leads to the wonderful state of “Total Freedom”. Pictures are worth a thousand words and several… 17 Jul 2000

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