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Freedom In The Arms Of Slavery

Freedom co-exists with servitude. As the pendulum swings to and fro our hearts and minds follow. Ever on the move we perpetuate progress. Surely we have moved from there to there. Thank goodness space exists so that we may map out our hopes,… 04 Feb 2023

Walking In A Timeline of Re-Occurrence

Deja Vue. If you haven’t experienced it just wait a bit, perhaps a moment or two, or even three. Timelines have a way of repeating themselves and if you’ve been paying attention their very existence comes into question. It’s not about the… 07 Nov 2022

There Is No Freedom

Looking forward we see our reflection, blinding us in complete disregard. As we have lived, so shall we. But the moral of the story is that change does indeed occur. Sometimes purposefully and, perhaps, at other times seemingly random. We… 09 Jul 2022

Waging An Honorable War

There is no ‘honor’ in war. There is no ‘honor’ is disparaging conversations where the listener becomes the oppressed. Plowing the fields with negative intent destroys not only ‘society’ but ‘human’ nature. There is no way out so why the hurry… 16 Jan 2022

Breaking The Glass, Escaping To Freedom

Limits to the imagination pop up seemingly every where we look. If in space no one can hear you scream then surely within the vastness of our own sense of self realized gains, the torment we lovingly create for our reflected nature must indeed… 01 Nov 2021

Tilting The Wheel, Filling In The Gap

Lots of stuff is happening these days, especially as the gods practice their bowling up in the heaven of dreams. There are plenty of lines in the sand all across this ‘mysterious’ universe where a huge cast of characters display their wares. The… 20 Nov 2020


I must have been bored because I ran across this: … 28 Jun 2018


There are a number of rules of the road so to speak, that exist. I’m not talking about Man’s foray into qualification and quantification, I’m talking about the basis for which life forms exist, that tiny little thing referred to as a… 14 Aug 2017

Crazy Talk From A Crazy Lady

Yeah like the title says, it’s just plain ol’ crazy. For the sleep-induced, those who overwhelmingly rely upon the contagion of mind-induced ‘ideas’ to be spread, multiplied and fruit-full this type of stuff is just plain crazy. It’s just… 29 Aug 2016

The Way To Happiness

Happiness is different for everyone. Some like it hot, some like it cold but all like it one way or another just as long as it gets delivered right to our door, preferably without having to sign for it because if we’re not at home it ain’t… 17 Mar 2016

Johnny Appleseed

Some say that our freedom comes from thoughts, that in order to be ‘free’ we must envision ourselves in chains. It’s true, no thoughts of freedom can insubstantiate unless and until we take on the mantle of subjugation. You can’t leave New York… 25 Jan 2016

Conservation of Energy

Wasting a finite resource we are told, is something worthy of disgrace, prosecution and imprisonment - not necessarily in that order. To capriciously and with complete disregard for law and order, waste something of limited and esteemed value… 10 Oct 2014

Freedom Rings True

Listening to our Hearts we stand in silence - deaf, dumb and blind. Blinded by our own beingness we take flight and in fancy delight we gleefully take experience to another level, another state of beingness. Up where the clouds fly by our… 07 Sep 2010

Doing It For 'Free'

Money, money, money. Gimme, gimme gimme! You hear it from almost every corner of humanity, that desperate heart-wrenching cry for the all mighty and omnipresent medium of exchange, the rallying cry for ever more…. 21 Jun 2010

What's It All About?

There have been a few changes made to this website recently but that is nothing unusual. Things do change and about the only recourse we have is to swim with the tide - or fight against it. Swimming with the tide doesn’t mean going along for… 13 Jun 2009

Carrying The Yolk Of Freedom

Heavy is the burden we bear. From unwanted thoughts and feelings to sorrowful experiential encounters, we play out the gamut of our lives in states of being. Being this or that way with our out-look, we create scenarios where desire moves to… 03 Apr 2008

Let The Good Times Roll

Starvation, the high price of materialism, job depletion, political emptiness, the list just goes on and on. Where will it ever end? Where will the disconcerting opportunists go when they no longer have such a hold over the walking dead? Where… 26 Feb 2008

Fasting To Eliminate Our Wayward Tendencies

In the peace of mind man can come to achieve great strides in reaching the goal of self realization. Quieting the inner voices of insanity, we come to be free of our own torments thereby allowing ourselves the freedom and choice of creating our… 05 Dec 2005

Sleeping With The Enemy

The enemy is such a nefarious and dastardly fellow, especially when we are not looking. Doing gross deeds of misconduct during the night, we all seem to pay the consequences come morning. As much as we want to try to rid our selves of this… 02 Nov 2005

The Butterfly Effect

No religion on this planet, or anywhere else for that matter, can free one from one’s self. We are definitely bound and gagged to the best of our abilities. And we like it that way. So when a new interest comes along, we fervently dive head… 23 Aug 2005

Country, What Country?

Forum: Deception & Control Let me get this straight:… 20 Jul 2005

Escaping The Onslaught

What is the condition that your condition is in? Running back through time we look left and right at all the scenery which seemingly passes us by at great speed. As our heads spin in blurry confusion we seek, with great intent, a stable base… 01 Jun 2005

Chance Happenstance

In a moment of peace the silence of our being arises and lets us know that we do indeed exist. Isn’t it strange that in order for peace to come to us we must kill all the thoughts and ideas that we have of ourselves? Holding on to things, we… 18 May 2005

Freedom Of Expression

I found this quote on rense.com: If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.> Noam Chomsky… 13 May 2005

Secrets Kill Freedom

Secrets kill Freedom. This is so because any withhold, by it’s nature, requires that Freedom be placed just a little bit further ‘out there’. Freedom cannot be risked when a withhold is latched onto. This results in the following: *The church of… 13 May 2005

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