The Energetic Pipe Dream

We all live on energy. We all create energy. Is energy the sustenance of life without which we would all perish in post haste. Is energy energetic or do we but imagine our existence in relationship to such. Where does it all begin and is there an ending.

The ebb and flow of our being creates that which unfolds before us. As we step upon the experience conveyor belt we are moved towards that which we are moved to. It all comes to us full on, or so it seems. In our 'heads up' display we see where we are and what it is that we are supposed to do. Of course lots of leeway is taken and given in that regard but none-the-less, we embrace it's principals.

Energy becomes our signature and as we leave bread crumbs upon the shores of life and living so that others may follow or tread our path, we take comfort knowing that we are not alone. Is energy but the fly trap of our hopes and dreams. Do we use and abuse creation to our own ends. The answer is of course, a resounding yes.

We are because we create. It's a poor man's approach but it still works, or at least seems to, enough so to satisfy our lack and in so doing we become full-filled. It's called running the hamster's wheel.

We are not that which we portray as they are but merely projections. Digging deeper requires digging and the tombs are sacred, at least that's what we have been told. No man's land is where no Man may tread. In respecting authority we bow with displeasure and yet bow with conviction and grace. The face does not reveal what lies beyond. It's called poker. Win, lose or draw, it's still fun we continually say to our selves. Sooner or later we are bound to believe such old wives tales.

Energy is neither created no destroyed. It's called science and it's all a bunch of make-believe childhood pipe dreams. If we believe it hard and long enough perhaps, just perhaps it will 'prove' it's self to be true. Justice is like that, sooner or later it's bound to roost somewhere.

I am never impressed with the amount nor forceful measure of 'energy' delivered or produced.1 It's all wishful thinking anyway so what's the point of fixation. The more certainty of expression, the more suspect it becomes. Those who have no one to fool require no such nonsense.

To be who you are is to just be. Forget the tales, just be. There is no right or wrong, no 'proper' etiquette to be followed nor rules of the road to ensure success. You are already successful because here you are.

Don't lose sight of that.

  1. In this regard. 

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