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Another Uneventful Day

In retrospect I see that in day-to-day operations there is just nothing going on. If one partakes of the concept of experience and it’s tag-along buddy karma it’s quite easy to see how one’s life and living experiment is coming full circle…. 26 Mar 2018

Dear Diary...

I must be on a roll. Either that or terribly bored and finding comfort in exposing myself. There is always a darkness and when the ensuing dawn breaks everything changes. No, I’m not talking about that fresh pot of coffee brewing and… 30 Aug 2017

In The Hills, At Night

Walking on tethered feet tip-toeing through the tulips we look left and right for any worm sign. And even when there is some to be had, there are none. Life is strange that way where all is provided for and yet… and yet we beckon to scarcity… 04 Aug 2017

Number Five

Basis: Can one conclude that every organization which has been created for the specific purpose of altering the mind of Man be a slavemaster invention? I think the answer speaks for it’s self… 04 Sep 2013

Doing The Creation Balance Two-Step

Creeping slowly upon the sleeping, the unawares, effectual time comes inevitably knocking on our door seeking recompense. Karma in it’s insistence on becoming real nourishes us with it’s delectable delights and yet we always seems to mourn… 27 May 2009

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