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More Gazing At The Stars

In an interesting look-back, astronomer’s gaze upon the universe and wonder at the wonder of it all. Reaching unto the vast expanse meaning comes to be derived. It’s no different than what the ensuing episodic muttering is all about… 22 Jun 2010

Step By Step

.. 15 Jan 2010

A Note About Commenting

On the pages that provide for commenting you may submit your own as you wish either as a registered user (when activated) or as a guest. All comments submitted by guests are moderated so that Gathering Minds can continue to be the focused… 29 Dec 2009

Gathering Minds V3

Yes, it’s true. Another version for another time and another place… 28 Dec 2009

Drawing To A Close

Drawing to a close there is not much left to be said, to be done or even to be hinted at. Right now there are so many things or ‘pokers’ in the fire that eventuality shall reach it’s fulfillment in no short order. Sweeping the land, the swept up… 06 Oct 2009

Old Habits Do Die Hard

The once peaceful rolling hills of despair have been turned on it’s ear. No longer are the destitute and dying finding a place to swing their hips to the ever popular dance beat called ‘survive’!. Languishing in self pity the sheep have nary a… 09 Sep 2009

Organizational Discombobulation

Organizations love organization. Everything must be ‘just so’, all in their proper place. Predictably, it becomes all very much predictable. &In the pause between breaths where computation completes it’s realignment all outside activity… 19 Aug 2009

Devil Diving

“Good… bad… I’m the guy with the gun.”Army of Darkness In goodness there is evil and in evil, there lies goodness. One without the other is like missing a dance partner while shimmying and shaking to the latest dance craze. Two… 18 Aug 2009

Here And No-Where Else

I’ve made it known about my disconnection with the various power positions that are going on and the reasons for that. Sometimes even the big boys require an alternate perspective, one which lies outside the boundaries of safety and the big… 17 Aug 2009

From The Heart

Working our day to day magic we encumber ourselves with ourselves and as we carry the burden no one else wishes to bear we are left alone - destitute and dying to be reborn. Ever onward we plow ahead despite and in spite of any thing and any one… 13 Jul 2009

Scribbling Our Wishes Upon The Universe

The Age of Innocence is rapidly drawing to a close. Leaving the embrace of childish pursuits behind maturity begins to work it’s magic. It’s a maxim that no child is left behind because as children our own temptation requires of us to be self… 25 Jun 2009

What's It All About?

There have been a few changes made to this website recently but that is nothing unusual. Things do change and about the only recourse we have is to swim with the tide - or fight against it. Swimming with the tide doesn’t mean going along for… 13 Jun 2009

The Prophecy of Peter Deunov

“The prophecy of Peter Deunov regarding the end of our civilization and the beginning of the Golden Age on earth. Also known under the spiritual name of Beinca Douno, the Bulgarian Master Peter Deunov (1864-1944) was a being of a very high level… 12 Jun 2009

Doing The Creation Balance Two-Step

Creeping slowly upon the sleeping, the unawares, effectual time comes inevitably knocking on our door seeking recompense. Karma in it’s insistence on becoming real nourishes us with it’s delectable delights and yet we always seems to mourn… 27 May 2009

In The Still Of The Night III

Quietly, silently, mute. The reign of terror slowly comes to an end and what remains then is a silence deafening in it’s display of creation. As all things shout from the very bottom of their being, “I live!” so too does the end of the reign of… 06 May 2009

Clarifying The Obtuse

There are a number of articles and such on this web-site which address the subject and philosophy of the religion called Scientology. There are also a number of articles which address spirituality in a different form. In all cases, through… 23 Apr 2009

You Can Run But You Can't Hide

Scientology is quite the interesting subject. It not only contains pitfalls and deathtraps which were newly created by the taken-over church, but it also contains an absolutely wonderful array of tools, tips and techniques for one’s spiritual… 23 Apr 2009

Changing The Guard

Here is something a bit different from an ‘outside’ perspective. “Changing the guard” is a process where planetary inhabitants are introduced to an alternative change of pace. Typically, evolutionary processes dictate that the prey must become… 22 Apr 2009

Fishing At The Edge Of Time

Coming to the water’s edge we bait the hook to see what will come our way today. Eagerly awaiting the purpose of life we sit for a spell and gaze into the far reaches of our imagination, seeking and yearning for the thing which exists just out… 21 Apr 2009

Who Would Have It Any Other Way?

Sneaking up on ourselves we tend to pretend that we are something other than what we really are and in this pretension our foundational sense of being does not go away but becomes muted and reworked into being something completely different. As… 13 Apr 2009

Perfect Union

In order to form a more perfect union what are the means to do so? What tools are available to mortal man which will enable him to overcome his own failings, his own sense of self-importance in order to rise above all else so that the Great… 09 Apr 2009

Watching The Natives Get A Suntan

Of the rise and fall, the victimization of the ruling elite; is there any wonder that these too fall prey to those of greater self-esteem? The ladder does indeed rise above, way above the heads of commoners and elitists alike. Is there such a… 08 Apr 2009

Killing The Hydra

And so the motion forward becomes the driving force. Swimming with the current, distance becomes a thing of the past while swimming against it creates time enough to feel the pain. In this respect the Free Zone has landed ashore and it doesn’t… 27 Mar 2009

The Good Ship Lollipop

Status updates are becoming quite the interesting thing. Action not only abounds in this universe but holographically speaking the depth and breath of experiential delight knows no bounds. The fun just never seems to end! As for the rest of… 26 Mar 2009

Cycles Of Action

While undergoing the process of movie making a director will declare, from time to time, the word ‘action!’ to denote the start of reproduction and after another time period, ‘cut!’ to declare the end of union. All actors then go about their own… 03 Feb 2009

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