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In The Field Of Play I Am But A Piece

We all have our playing fields in which to do our deeds. From winning to losing the process begins, endures and finally comes to an end. In this life cycle of re-cycle we come to embrace our just rewards - experience! On our board of strategy we... 03 Dec 2007

Strange Fate

How does thought develop? How does life experience create a lasting impression whereby similarities and differences become recorded for all of posterity? To what use does one employ the various recordings of life and living? Are we so frightened... 16 Oct 2007

Pointedly Obscure

It is true that this web site is quite obscure. The verse is obtuse and the cacophonous display of seemingly irrelevant and irreverent terms and ideas can be like the fingernails upon the chalkboard. Yes, the mind can be a wonderfully annoying... 16 Oct 2007

Waiting A Lifetime

For some, unconfrontable thoughts, ideas, concepts, events, you name it, remain 'unconfronted' and 'unconfrontable', and so these are 'carried forward' in time to follow the individual around like a lonely puppy. This is where auditing comes in... 11 Mar 2003

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