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Gathering Storm: Free Zone Update

“Oh the plans of Mice and Men…” Time is on our side. The funny thing about time is that it is on everyone’s side, but since we don’t play the waiting game, time is used to full benefit. Expanding or contracting time, our efforts somehow manage… 02 Apr 2003

Free Zone: Sector News

Teegeeack seems to be having a bit of a rough time these recent days, but that is to be expected in the long range pursuit of freedom of choice. While in the theta universe, we already celebrate our victory, resting in the decisions that have… 23 Nov 2002

12 Points of Conditional Demarcation

1.Teegeeack is a “no-fly” zone. All unauthorized flights into the area will be terminated without prejudice. 2.Teegeeack is off limits to travel by any and all means of transportive devices… 04 Nov 2002

Fire In The Sky

Marcabians, the current ‘rulers’ in this little corner of the galaxy, pride themselves on being able to wear the emblems and adornments of “greatness”. Of course sometimes, titles and regalia are located purely in the head. As you may know, or… 17 Oct 2002

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