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All Is Well In The Land Oz

Wanted to let you know that all is well in the Land of Oz. Nothing is amiss and balance is not something needed nor desired. When Man makes a move it’s as if mountains become moved and through the fragility of thought all becomes real. It… 08 Sep 2022

Blinded By Being Blind

Blindness occurs in nature but is it really unnatural to not be blind? In balance existence comes to be experienced for if it were not so we would be experiencing nothing but ourselves and to a great degree this does indeed stand. In seeing we… 31 Oct 2008

Don't Try This At Home

When the blind lead the blind where else can the road lead but to a blind alley? Where else can cattle graze if not by finding the sacred pasture through trial and error? Surely we must all come to no end in order to find that the end lies… 28 Feb 2005

The Scientological Illusion

Scientology can be used to enslave Man. It IS being used to enslave Man through various schemes, purposes and plans. Even though this enslavement is in direct opposition to the philosophy of Scientology, those who seek control over others will… 30 Jun 2004

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