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Portals of Imagination

Since we all know by now that time does not exist, portals of dimension can be addressed. Not really addressed but brought up for a lookie-see. Perception is like that, brought about by propagation of ideas and cemented in relationship into a... 07 Sep 2022

Georgia Guidestones

At one point I lived about 4 1/2 hours away from that famously famous place in Georgia called the 'Georgia Guidestones'. There was an interest in taking a looky-see but at that distance it was much more advantageous to polish the telescope... 03 Jun 2013

The Portal Of Doom

Long in hope and short in reality, many beings which walk the Earth tend to live on the "wild" side of the tracks, so to speak. Out reality is a term used to describe those who, like their counterparts locked securely away from society, are out... 07 Sep 2006

The Seven Gates Of Hell

For a change of pace, here is some entertainment for you. The Seven Gates of Hell (affectionately called :) )... 31 May 2001

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