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Identification, Are You Me?

Sages make mention of the fact that we are what we perceive. The world is as we make it. Does this mean that I have created you just as you are? The mind plays all sorts of games, but reality never changes. We are the same, and yet individually... 19 Jul 2000

Mind Drug

The Mind of Man is a powerful drug.Where it leads you cannot follow.Upon reaching its' destination, it fails to do so.Wondering, it grows in strength.To destroy it, reveals the desire to destroy oneself.To succumb to its'... 05 Jun 2000

Seeing Beyond The ThunderDome

We come to a new place, seeking answers to questions that drive us mad. Within us, burns the desire to "know". Believing that knowing is the ultimate form of self-aggrandizement, we align ourselves with those who can impart their "wisdom",... 23 May 2000


The duality of existence requires the perception that another is in control, but that we have a choice in what we do and how we do it. It is then up to the "higher" powers that be, whether that choice is acceptable or not. We pay for our... 23 Apr 2000

The Spiritual Dark Ages Of Man

Religion perpetually seeks to rid mankind of it's physical form and restore the sense of spirituality within us. Progress in this can be gauged in centuries for the nature of man is one of mindfulness. This mindfulness was further defined and... 06 Jan 2000

Carnival Of Life

The loss of self is the motivation for which we yearn to know the self. Folly is what we endeavor to learn. Seeking what we have hidden from ourselves is called mindless busy-work. While we busy ourselves with our own unique "work", Life around... 27 Dec 1999

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