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It Takes Two To Tango

Breaking out of our shell takes a great deal more than just wish-full thinking. Since we are already immersed within our selves exterior thoughts and ideas become self-sacrificing in that the mind will not allow them to see the light of day. The... 15 Nov 2005

Engaging In Self Sacrifice

Sacrifice is the giving up of something to that which is far greater than our selves. When we sacrifice our selves we are, in effect, giving the entirety of our egotistical existence up to that which has a consciousness/awareness far above our... 19 Jul 2005

Banking On The Mind

Considering the bank, which holds the experiential memories which we have accumulated over the entirety of existence, how is it different than the mind? What is the function of the mind and how does it relate to the bank? Are they one and the... 09 Jun 2005

The Will of Man

Among the deceased there is an ever popular idea that mental concentration will bring back life. Through massive effort and conniving means, life will again become the experiential dream blossoming into reality once more. From here to there the... 18 Aug 2004

Holding Tight

The mind is such a wonderful play toy. We extract endless hours of entertainment from and because of it, keeping ourselves quite busy and fully occupied. Is it any wonder that we seek salvation? Demonstrating to ourselves that we exist, we... 09 Oct 2003

Tape Name: Essence Of Auditing, Know To Mystery Scale

"Talk about human memory - phooey. I mean, there's no worry about this at all. The only reason a person cannot remember is because he is facing a computer that he expects to remember. He will know the computer is fixed when it remembers. You... 21 Dec 2002

The Fear Of Change

The fear of change drives all sorts of behavior. From holding onto 'things' to fixating on thoughts, the fear of change requires the ability to locate and fixate. This is not an innate ability or 'talent' much desired by all, but a degradation... 30 Sep 2002

Sooner Or Later

In the time between there lies a substance known as Eternity. It is here that Existence fulfills itself and weeps in the delight of estrangement. Alone at last, we remain peaceful and still. To know peace is to know otherwise. Belonging to no... 24 Sep 2001

Sand In My Eyes

Intellectual ramblings entertain and enthrall us with their experiential emotive content, but deliver little of substance or value. Value is surmised in regard to emotional content. The higher the content, the bigger the high. Intelligence taxes... 19 Jul 2001

Value Fulfillment

The mind knows no bounds - or so it thinks, and this is the position from where all knowledge comes from. Imaginary idealism is effemerous indeed. Vaporware for the masses, so eager are we to embrace and fulfill. Thoughts ponder to and fro, but... 12 Jun 2001


Efforting to give life to our imagery, there can be no existence otherwise. Striving to 'forget', our imagination runs wild with concepts and ideas and we thereby become the servant of the those very same efforts. How convoluted must we become... 14 Mar 2001

Holding On For Dear Life

Life, as we know it, is purposeful activity. It is productive, enriching and fulfilling on some deep down level. We gain experiences with which we share among others of like mind. We find that without Life to fulfill us, existence becomes... 13 Mar 2001

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