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Seeking we become lost in a world without end, where our thoughts allows us to ponder to and fro in the continual search for existence. Watching, we patiently await our rewards, comfortable in the knowledge of what has come to pass. Friendly in… 06 Feb 2001

The Fight of Survival

Searching, we discover. What that discovery will come to mean is anyone’s guess, but I can tell you now; without discovery your bonds will still remain. Isn’t that a scary thought? Another scary thought is that once the particular desired state… 11 Jan 2001

Looking Is Not The Problem

The knock at the door of our only escape wakes us in the need to respond, reject and deny all in the same breath. What lies ahead lies within the desire of imagination. We seek solace in words and ideas. The sounds of hope capture our ears and… 11 Jan 2001

No Answer

I have no answer, I have nothing worth knowing about and what little knowledge I have is questionable at best. What I write comes from another place where imagination becomes reality. There really is nothing to learn and I gladly acknowledge… 07 Aug 2000

Perceptual Beliefs

The essence of ourselves is the beliefs which we hold so dear. Coloring our universe, we see. What we see, we believe. To know of our existence is but another belief. As beliefs are lies, then what lies ahead for us? Lies and beliefs mean little… 05 Jun 2000

We Live As We Die

As we live, so shall we die. The only promise that will be kept is one of certainty, and then the bait-and-switch tactic is brought into play. Opposing odds is the business of professionals because these are the ones that truly understand this… 26 Dec 1999

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