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Why Reach For The Stars

Reaching in spaces and places beyond the inquisitiveness of desire, the remains of a past life, long forgotten and lost through neglect, knowledge achieves it's own bitter end. Seeking knowledge, the hope of Man yearns forth in it's garb of... 23 Nov 2002

Becoming, We Come To Know

Lost in the ideal, where is the life-saving rope, tossed to the helpless victim, very much at the hands of it's own demise. Adrift, the way appears endlessly vast and naked in perpetuity. Gazing at the stars, we blink.... 16 Jan 2002

Seeking Flotational Devices

In the time of dreamers, vistas unfold and as the onrushing future makes it's way through us, we gaze in wonder at the recognition of ourselves onstage. Separately, we are a joy to behold, if only to ourselves. Conjuring a destiny, we seek... 04 Dec 2001

One's Deepest Wishes Do Come True

While we entertain ourselves, what is it that draws us away from our essence. What is it that makes us begin the process of 'seeking'. In the tribunals of time, the halls echo will voices of whisper, passing knowledge and data to and fro.... 04 Dec 2001

Swept Away

There is a time, a place. a moment of thought that escapes from it's birthing and explodes into maturity. Leading our perception, it carries us forward into the recesses of imagination and creates a reality so real, so exciting, that it becomes... 03 Dec 2001

There Is No Life but Your Own

Finding the treasures of old, we delight in the seeking. Expending our efforts, we build our reserves for the next. Alone at last, we contemplate our future and create the life we are to lead. Events unfold in their proper time and place. The... 03 Dec 2001

The Gods Are Kind Indeed

The Time of Forgetfullness is a Time of Remembrance. In between the moments of thought and reality there exists a slice of time in which the two merge and become as one. For some, the difference does not exist and for others there is a world... 27 Nov 2001

"I" Seek

The hope of man. What is the hope of man. Is it something that undercuts our pain and suffering which would allow us to rise again from the ashes of our incineration? Hoping against hope surviving only leaves us the option of continuing where we... 15 Nov 2001

From Time To Time

To pierce the veil of darkness, the eyes must create the light in which to take flight. Overcoming obstacles, we begin to enjoy ourselves and yet, seemingly out of nowhere, another plight comes to haunt our dreams of evermore. Awakening, we come... 17 Oct 2001

Our Time Is Always At Hand

I am the monster of my imagination. I exist purely for the sake of experience and no more. Nothing ensures my day-to-day survivability as the quest for the existence which I imagine. There can be no completion as the quest and the search are one... 15 Oct 2001

Full Circle

On the horizon of our dreams, beyond the furthest reaches of our imagination, a place exists where time and function cease and come to be no more. It is a place where the endless migration of thoughts, concepts and ideas fall into the deep dark... 10 Oct 2001

No Wonder We Are Blessed

I've lied. I've lied about the roots of my humanity thinking that out of the abyss of illusionary thoughts and idle dreams, a reality would be found where the gloating of my self esteem would reign supreme and defy and overcome any and all... 18 Sep 2001

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