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Taking Root

A hope, a dream, a far away place, where are the souls in which the turning of life take refuge. From where does the communication so eagerly sought, find a new home in which to blossom and bear the fruit of understanding. Alone in the mist of… 26 Aug 2001

New Arrivals Are Always Welcome

The love, the life, the lean-to of regret, all rolled up in one giant confectionery delight. With the smacking of lips and the belch of satisfaction, arriving, there is found new delights, new wonders in which the candy man may embrace his skill… 26 Aug 2001

It's A Match Made In Heaven

There is a sense of timing, of correctness of impingement, when everything just seems to ‘fall into place’. It is during these times we feel whole and complete, satisfied in our knowledge that things are the way that they are supposed to be. We… 23 Aug 2001

Oh, Nothing

I have nothing to do. On the days that I have nothing to do, I will do almost anything than to sit down and do nothing. Nothing is not a very comfortable word in which to settle into. It is also a word that should not even be in the dictionary…. 23 Aug 2001

Out of Death, Life Arises

When there is nothing left to say, who will be the one to say what needs to be said? Who among us will have the courage to present their neck as an offering in order to make the point which must be made? There are no points to be made and no one… 17 Aug 2001

Dead Men Tell No Tales

There are always classifications being made to distinguish one creation from another. These creation classifications can take the form of calling something ‘beautiful’, ‘evil’, or even ‘dead’. The classification of ‘dead’ versus ‘alive’ beings… 11 Aug 2001

Not All Is As It Appears

Detailing the life we lead, what is left to be said, what more could we possibly add to the already overflowing abundance of words and concepts, thoughts and ideas which we hold so very dear to our eternal hearts? All that could be added is… 09 Aug 2001

Make Believe

Into the hearts and minds of those around us, do we wish to invade. We want to become known and in that reflection we gaze deeply at ourselves and behold the wonder. The wonder of being, as reflected by our creations is truly a wonder indeed…. 09 Aug 2001

Roller Coastering

With love comes the knowledge that we are not alone. Struggling, we seek to encompass the totality and yet never seem to quite capture even a satisfactory portion of it. We yearn for more and die in the result. Life has it’s up and downs and as… 19 Jul 2001

A Slave To Time

There is no time and there is no effort like the time of now. Within the unbroken circle of light lies the answer to the field of dreams in which we find ourselves ever expanding upon in order to completely capture and contain it. Efforting is… 18 Jul 2001

Let's Pretend

With the quiet expectation of what is sure to come, we await our final destiny. Longing for the future, time passes. Waiting, we wait until we are fulfilled. Experiencing the joy of life, we surrender ourselves unto the darkness that is required… 16 Jul 2001

Watch For Oncoming Traffic

Displacing ourselves, we see beyond the hopes and dreams of our ancestors and ensure that the quest for survival becomes our life-long endeavor. We are the next generation, fully endowed with the promise of a bright and glorious new future…. 10 Jul 2001

Just Desserts

Walking the line of desire, which way will the wind blow this time? Where shall we fall upon landing within the abyss of time and space where the first and last thought merge into the being that others have called “Man”. Learning, one never… 07 Jul 2001

The Flame of Desire

From the fire into the pan. Jumping here and there we seek to escape only to find ourselves no further ahead than before. How many times have we undertaken specific, well thought out actions, only to find that the end result was exactly the… 21 Jun 2001

Hallowed Halls

We walk the hallowed halls of our own imagination, forever seeking to remain quite enough to listen to the echoes of the cries in the night. Longingly, we envision a better life, and yet day to day, we endure our meager existence. Hope beyond… 14 Jun 2001

The Fox

I am the lost child of Illusion, the wondering hobo of Neglect and the bastard of Unknowing. There is no life within me except by my own hand of deception. The acropolis of destruction has come and gone leaving only happiness in it’s wake. There… 11 Jun 2001

Release Me

There was a time when thought was the commodity of life. Everyplace where one looked, it was to be found, and if not present in perception, then certainly created in imagination. A commodity is like that. If one doesn’t have it, it gets created… 08 Jun 2001

Reality Check

What is it about alternate experiences that draws us in? Do we look for relief from the current experiences we are fully immersed within and unable to escape from? Looking beyond our immediate sight, we seek and yet cannot find. Tentatively, we… 10 May 2001

Operating Under Turmoil

Day to day, life goes on as we embrace the daily routine. Who needs to reset time when the mindless already walk the Earth? Who needs to implant when all you have to do is run a TV ad? Who needs to exert control when all that needs to be done is… 10 May 2001

Someone Notices

Travelling, we seekOnly to not findourselves missing.Inwardly we questionrevealing the Gloryof what we are Not. Adjusting ourselveswe become.Closing our eyes,life hereafter holds usin it’s loving arms… 28 Mar 2001

OverCome With Joy

Walking as I walk,Watching the ever-lasting vista,of Love and Life,I see. Beyond the depths of Truth,Lies the Long Lost Love.Embracing we become,As One… 21 Mar 2001

Reflections of A Divine Nature

I am the way, the thought, the deed of all action and reaction. What exists is that embellishment called ‘I’. Movement upon the surface of Life creates the depth and breath of the universe at large. Micro and macro cosmic endeavors exist purely… 21 Mar 2001

Rejoicing In The Death Of You

Lost in a world where Man rules, where is the exit so easily hidden from our perceptive embraces? Lonely and wondering amidst the embers of a dying flame we search and seek the hand of just righteousness declaring in wonder the beauty of… 26 Feb 2001

So, Where Does It All Leave Us Today?

Striving for some imagined goal, seeking to fulfill ourselves, we scurry to and fro busying ourselves to avoid Ourselves. The mind captures our attention and holds it as if it’s life depended upon it, which of course, it does. The Seeker seeks… 12 Feb 2001

Spiritual Freedom: At What Cost?

Strange as it may seem, spiritual freedom has been redefined in some quarters of the religious community. It now comes with a price tag. Shopping for spiritual knowledge is about as ridiculous as an elephant wearing pajamas. Confusing spiritual… 09 Feb 2001

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